Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day..June 17th

What is this, Gracie?

"A happy Dad!"

"I love my Daddy"

"We love our Daddy, too!"
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More on Father's Day

A happy family...Dan's first Father's Day as a Father!

Mesia loves her Daddy's toy!

Caleb is growing up...a little doll!

Eliza and Abby in their "jungle outfits"...pretty creative, don't you think
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Cabin 2007

Our first week at the cabin was June 4-10. I was in Burley for the first part of the week, but the weather was really cold and rainy, so no one went up until Thursday. It was still rather cold that day, but Friday and Saturday were nice. Everyone eventually came up (except Brian & Sarah and Madison, of course BOO HOO, but we will hopefully have many, many more wonderful family times in that beautiful place with all of us)

At the cabin

Looking at Baldy from the Big Swing

Girls on a Log! Hold on!
Tara, Eliza, Abby, Mallory, Sydney, & Abby

Waiting for turns on the BIG SWING (Abby on)
Eliza, Sydney, Abby, Dallin, Alexa, Emma, Mallory, Eli, & Rachel

Grandpa on the Mountain
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More Cabin

Mallory, Gracie, and Eliza with Sophie

Eliza and her "FRIEND" Can you see the caterpiller?

Gracie LOVES the Big Swing!

Rachel & Mesia (they both love the cabin)
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Picnic at Bill and Jan's...Memorial Day Celebration...Sunday May 27th

Tara, Wendy and Amanda. Wendy and Amanda have been friends for a long time and now they are related.

Lauren with her baby...Uncles Bill and John in the background

Five Happy faces.

Emily looking beautiful....

And Angela too.

And 3 of our handsome sons with their dad
Brad, Mark and Rick

Scenes from the Salt Lake City Cemetery

Sydney & Gracie at Grandpa Evans grave

Some of the Grandkids

The Tingey family at Grandpa's grave

The family gathering..that is Deanne's mother sitting by the headstone...she is 93!
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