Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A fun moment

Just thought this was such a fun shot of some of the family enjoying something on Rick's laptop when they were here on Sunday night for the birthday celebrations. It was not posed at all, but good of all of them. Left to right going around the circle is: Nathan, Sawyer, Spencer, Ricky, Emily, Angela, Adam, Rick & Brad.
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Celebrating Spencer's & Mesia's birthdays

Spencer is 13! Does he look like a bored teenager?....kinda that "I don't like all this attention look"!
He got all those candles out in one blow though, and even finally came up with something that make him happy!
Mesia was not at all happy about her cake. She was really quite worried about the fire on the candle and she DIDN'T like the feel of the frosting. I loved how the cake matched her dress though, don't you.?...and that wasn't even planned.
She loved her presents much better than the cake!....This little pig made oinking sounds that would make Mesia squeal herself.
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A Collage of Mesia's First Birthday

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Ellie's photo shoot (12 day's old)

Leading the band
"I'm trying to smile"
What a cutie!
A kiss from big sister...
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Friday, July 27, 2007

birthdays at Barlows

Blow Dave! (& Sydney & Eliza)
The two birthday people...Tessa 14 (going on 20) & Dave 44 (& holding)
Mesia and her proud parents
What a doll!
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Fun night at Barlow's

A fun night at the Barlow's ..before the fireworks on July 20th. (It was also the night the last Harry Potter book came out, so Tara and Tessa were frantically trying to re-read all the previous books! Wow...what a feat!)
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ellie Elizabeth Evans is born!

She is here! Born today (July 17, 2007) at 5:10 p.m. She weighs 7 pounds and is 21 inches long. Both mom and baby are doing well, for which we are very grateful! Mallory and Alexa are thrilled with their new baby sister and Mark couldn't be more proud. Wendy looked beautiful minutes after when we entered the room (as you can see). CONGRATULATIONS!
Ellie Elizabeth Evans being weighed in...look at all that hair!
"I love my sister"...Ellie and Alexa
"And so do I"...Ellie and Mallory
Daddy welcomes Ellie...look how alert she is! This is only about 20 minutes after she was born!
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A proud Daddy.

"The Girls"!

What a great family!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Second Cabin Week

July 2-8 was our second cabin week....but some of us went up for a few days the week before because it was Bill & Jan's week and they were in California. It was a wonderful week....hot, but not as bad as it was in the valley. The temperatures have been close to 100 or above for several weeks now in Salt Lake, and it is always about 20 degrees cooler at the cabin...thank goodness for that. The flies were really bad the first part of the week, (biting flies),but we got a few days of cloud cover later on in the week, and it seemed to help the fly situation a lot! We all went to the rodeo in Oakley on Friday and that was fun as usual. (this has become a tradition) Mark & Wendy and girls did not come up because of the baby due any time, and Dan had to work so they were not there. We missed them and missed Brian, Sarah and Madison too. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

Fun at the Rocks

Eliza had never been to the Rocks and so on Friday, June 29th, Angela and Eliza and I hiked up there. It was a very hot day, and the flies were awful, but the view made it all worth it. Eliza was very glad she had made the effort.
Conan had also followed us up the mountain to the rocks and when we decided to start down, we realized he just COULD NOT manage coming down. He kept slipping and we were afraid he was going to break a leg....so Angela carried him all the way down off the rocks. It was NOT easy and she was really sore the next day. I hope Conan appreciated it!!!
Eliza & Angela and Conan looking down at the cabin....can you see it? Can you also see Conan's bum and tail? He blends right in with the rocks!
The view looking up the canyon towards Baldy. It is really breathtaking!
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More fun at the Rocks

On Wednesday, July 4th, I hiked up to the "Rocks" again...this time with Michelle and ALL of her children! Plus Tara who had come to the cabin early with me. Michelle carried Caleb, and I thought I would be carrying Lauren...but SHE WALKED ALL THE WAY!....as did all the others. This picture was taken about half way up. Who doesn't look very happy about the hike?!!! Actually Stafford was just pretending! They were all real "troopers".
WE MADE IT! Rachel & Lauren at the Rocks....which are real boulders as you can see.
Michelle and all the kids! Her legs really hurt the next day from carrying Caleb. That was quite a feat! Glad I didn't have to carry Lauren...I don't know if I could have made it all the way. Isn't the view beautiful from up there?
Tara and I...with the backpack I thought I would be using for Lauren.
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River Fun

Caleb and Mom at the Big River!
Eli, having fun throwing rocks.
Gracie, Sydney and Emma in the little river. They hadn't planned on going in....isn't that how it always happens.
Rachel crossing over the balance beam to the "island" to throw rocks. You can tell she has taken gymnastics.
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Fun with the horses

Sydney & Gracie helping Emma ride Chief...Sophie going along for company
Chad galloping back to the cabin on Poco...what a rider!

Adam going out to "warn" the neighbors ...don't know exactly about what....maybe about him!!
A beautiful picture of the big river over by the Holladay Park road. The river is not very big this year, however, because it has been so hot and dry.
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