Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bountiful's homecoming

Our Granddaughter, Tara, is on Bountiful's dance team and they performed last Friday at Homecoming. It was fun to watch her and even more interesting to see the interaction of high school (& jr. high)kids again. It has been a long time. I'm actually very happy that I don't have to go through those days again. I certainly hope and pray all our grandchildren can make it through those difficult years!

Tara and her dance team after the performance
With mom....she looks like a high school student herself!
With brother, Adam,and youngest sister Sydney who came to watch. (Actually Adam came to be with his friends)
Adam and SOME of his friends. He was surrounded by girls everytime we saw him!
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Sunday Dinner

On Sunday, Sept 16th, we had a big family dinner before Sarah and Madison left for New Hampshire . We celebrated all those Fall birthday's AGAIN! We LOVE to party!

Couldn't get all the "birthday people" together to blow out the candles, so the grandkids did!
Being silly with the oreos.
Ellie is getting cuter and chubbier! What a doll!
Mallory & Alexa had fallen asleep after the busy night, so were carried to the car by their strong Daddy, Mark.
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More Sunday photos

"No, Madison, we're supposed to hold hands, NOT give fives." Check out Mesia's belly shirt :)
What a cute TRIO!
Wish these two cousins didn't live so far apart! Bet the mother's wish they lived closer too.
Saying "goodby" to Madison....until December. We are surely going to miss her.
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Lunch with my beautiful daughters

On Sept. 12th I took all my daughters to lunch at Joy Luck in Bountiful to celebrate the Fall birthdays. I was so sad that Donna was sick, otherwise everyone was there. (thanks to Sarah's visit home) The birthday's celebrated were Donna, Emily, Clare, & Sarah
Clare & Michelle
Sarah & Christina
Wendy, Angela, Grandma & Emily (and baby Ellie who wasn't too happy at the moment)
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Taking off Mark & Wendy's roof

On Thursday, the 6th of Sept. most of the family gathered to help Mark take off his roof. It was hard work, but rewarding to see everyone working together, and the kids had a blast. We ordered pizza afterwards and also celebrated Dan's birthday which was the day before and also Emily and Donna's, which was the following Saturday.

The "birthday people"!
The group that was there at the end to help celebrate. There were several others who helped during the day, but were not there for this picture. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!
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Ellie Elizabeth blessed

Mark and Wendy's baby was blessed on Sunday Sept. 2nd and given the name of Ellie Elizabeth. She is a beautiful baby, as you can see and is a great join to their family as well as to us. We are so grateful for her safe and healthy arrival.
Not quite a smile...but isn't she a beauty?!
A sweet kiss from Daddy.
Just catching a quick nap in Daddy's arms
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Cabin

Friday, we took an evening hike just as the sun was setting...what a view it was looking down on the beaver ponds glistening the the sunlight.
Our hiking group..Angela, Emily, Clare, Dan, Mesia and of course me....Grandma.
It was so fun to have Sarah and Madison show up Saturday morning with Sarah's sister, Melissa. Sarah was a trooper to come, even though she wasn't feeling her best. WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW LITTLE ONE DUE IN APRIL!!!
We also had the Takmili's join us for the day Saturday. What fun we had with them. They loved the horses especially.
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Cabin~ Last week of August

We had another GRAND TIME at the cabin. The weather was perfect! This sunset says it all!
On Saturday Sept. 1st, we celebrated Mallory's 7th birthday...What a fun place to have a birthday! A wonderful time was had by everyone.
These three party-goers had fun all weekend. Eli, Alexa, and Lauren....good friends always.
Caleb enjoying the ice cream with his mom.
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