Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday in Burley

My sisters and I all went home for a few days to hear Cynthia give the key-note address at the Chamber of Commerce Women's Conference. She spoke about her book Living the Heartlife, Letting go of the Hardlife. It was excellent, and we were all so proud of her. While we were there, I turned 67 so we all celebrated ! It was great fun!

All of us in the Hotel Room.

Cynthia's message for me on the bathroom mirror the morning of my birthday. She had to leave at 6:00 A.M before we were awake.

My sisters gave me a shopping spree at D.I. for my birthday! They knew that was my favorite kind of shopping. I found some good buys too Birthday dinner at the Upper Crust. I'm the "big cheese" because it is my birthday. Sorry Cynthia could not have stayed for this.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday celebrations at Alveys

Angela and Dave had the whole family for dinner at their home on April 20th to celebrate the late March/April birthdays.

I would be in Burley for my birthday so we celebrated today.
Tingeys have a BUNCH of birthdays this time of year. Lauren, Rachel, Dallin, Michelle and Dave....WOW!
Eliza's birthday was yesterday...the 19th and she is now 10 years old. What a joy she is!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cannon's first hike

Cannon had his first hike (with the help of Emily) when he was just 1 week old. Emily, Brad and I hiked up Millcreek canyon on the Pipeline trail. It was beautiful, but a little windy, especially when we got around the point. Cannon enjoyed it all though.

He slept "like a baby" the whole way.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cannon Joseph Bake!

Yes, he has a name now...Cannon Joseph Bake! (Joseph is Kevin's middle name.) The name seems to fit this new little spirit perfectly.
He seems so is a thrill to be in his presence knowing that he left Heaven so recently!

A very proud Daddy! Kevin will be a great daddy can tell.
Only 15 hours old and smiling already!! (just kidding)...but it looks like a smile, doesn't it?
Grandma with # 29! Each one is precious and we are so very grateful when they arrive whole and healthy!
Just what do you think he is thinking? Wish he could talk to us....having just come from Heaven, I'll bet he would have a lot tell us.
Reminds me of this poem by Carol Lynn Pearson~

My day-old child lay in my arms,
With my lips against his ear.
I whispered strongly, "How I wish-
I wish that you could hear;

"I've a hundred wonderful things to say
(A tiny cough and a nod),
Hurry, hurry,hurry and grow
So I can tell you about God."

My day-old baby's mouth was still
And my words only tickled his ear.
But a kind of a light passed through his eyes,
And I saw this thought appear:

"How I wish I had a voice and words;
I've a hundred things to say,
Before I forget I'd tell you of God-
I left Him yesterday."
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kevin & Emily's baby boy born!

Baby Boy Bake is born this morning - April 6th, 2008 (what a GREAT birthday) He weighs 6lbs 4oz and is 17 1/2 inches tall...and a real cutie! He was just minutes old when I took this picture. Emily & Kevin had come to the hospital about 9:00. Her contractions started about 8:00. Emily did great!!...only pushed for about 1 hour.
Mother, Father, and baby...all doing fine!
All bundled up after his weigh in because his temp. was down a little. His eyes opened right away and he was very alert...looking all around wondering where he was!
"Hi Mom!"
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Emily's pregnancy pictures

On Friday the 28th of March, just 8 days before Emily had her baby we went up Big Cottonwood canyon to take some pregnancy pictures in the snow. Here are 4 of my favorites. We copied your idea, Sarah. Hope you don't mind. I think Emily was pleased with the results. What beautiful mothers-to-be you BOTH were! And beautiful and good mothers you ARE NOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!
To see pictures of Brian and Sarah's baby girl born on April 4th, click onto the link found at the first of this blog. Evans Family Fun or
She is a beauty!

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