Monday, September 29, 2008

Anna Kalea's blessing

Anna Kalea Evans was blessed Sunday, September 28th by her Daddy. Dan gave her a wonderful blessing, and she was a little angel...didn't cry at all.

The family and friends gathered afterwards at the social room in the Brigham for a lunch. Here the crowd is watching a game while waiting the for the food to be served.

Christina and Angela with their beautiful daughters, Tessa and Tara.

Uncle Brad with Mesia....all the grandchildren LOVE Uncle Brad! Clare and her mom, Melonie.The happy family... well, except for Anna...she looks like she has seen a ghost! The grandparents with she looks happy!The grandparents, parents and big sister, Mesia, with Anna on her big day!

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Mark's birthday

We celebrated Mark's 34th birthday at the Brigham on Sunday afternoon too. His birthday was actually on Friday, but we were at the cabin and he was at the condo with his family. Here he is with his 3 gorgeous girls. He has a 4th gorgeous girl too, (Wendy), but we couldn't get her in the picture! :)
Blowing out the candles!
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Cabin in the Fall

Rick and I went up to the cabin on Thursday September 25 and stayed until Saturday. The leaves got more beautiful everyday. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! It was exceptionally warm too...warmer than it was at the first of the month when we were here for the baptism. We were all alone for the first 24 hours which was very unusual, but very peaceful and nice. We took some long walks and had some good conversations. I'm so grateful we have this beautiful place to come to and enjoy!

This tree was so vivid in the sun, I just had to have a picture of it.

Freed's pasture....isn't this beautiful?

The aspens are so beautiful up at the cabin. Pictures just don't do them justice.

Michelle came up Friday afternoon with all of her children. It was such a beautiful day, here is Lauren, Dallin, and Rachel on the trampoline.

The horses are still up there, so the kids had a good time on is Caleb on Chief

Emily & Kevin also came up on Friday night, and Cannon enjoyed getting to know Hannah.

Chad & Joshua came up with the Tingeys and "hung out" with Cannon :)

Chad caught a fish on Saturday, and he and Stafford cooked it on the grill. It was delicious!

Stafford using the fish head as an ear ring! Do you think this will start a new fad?!

Dallin with the two snakes Michelle caught...a mommy (or daddy) and a tiny baby. We let them go, of course, but the kids had a good time seeing them.

Hannah on the hammock...just chillin'.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Trip to Burley

I went home to Burley on the 10th of September for a short visit, and Emily and Cannon came with me. Grandma & Grandpa McMurray loved seeing and getting to know Cannon better and visiting with Emily. Cannon was so good natured even though he had just had his second round of shots and wasn't feeling his best.
Cannon was especially interesting in Bandy...Grandma's little dog. Brandy was NOT too happy with Cannon being there! :)
I LOVED this picture of Emily and Cannon. Isn't that the cutest smile ever, and if you look closely you can see his two bottom teeth.
Cannon and Grandpa Mac. The make quite a pair, don't they? What a fun Great Grandpa!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hannah Jane Tingey blessed

Hannah was blessed today, Sunday September 7th, 2008. These were taken at her home afterwards. She is so adorable. What an amazing weekend this has been. Two baptisms and a baby blessing. We are so blessed in so many ways!
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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Baptism at the Cabin

On Saturday, September the 6th, we had a very wonderful occasion at the cabin. Sydney and Mallory were baptised! They had both wanted to do this and had gotten permission from their bishops. It was a beautiful day (the weekend before it had snowed up there!), and the setting was perfect. Mark had cleared out a little "font" the day before down the hill from the cabin in the little river. You can see it in this picture right to the left of these two beautiful "angels". He had also cleared the pathway down the hill and even dug out stairs! The temperature that day was in the 60's but the river was A LOT COLDER!! However, the Spirit was so strong, that I know the girls were both "warmed" by Its presence and didn't seem to be too bothered by the cold. Most of our family were there, and many from the Giles and Alvey family also, including both sets of grandparents. Everyone was touched by the occasion and I'm sure will never forget it! This was the scene the morning of the baptism just before the sun came up. The ground in the little pasture was covered with frost from the sprinkler we had left on....but as I looked out the window it looked absolutely Heavenly! What a way for the day to begin!
Mallory and her dad, Mark, in front of the baptismal pool.
Sydney and her dad, Dave as they came down the hill from the cabin.
The Alvey family before the baptism.
The Evans family. Mallory is looking at that water wondering how cold it is!

The five cousins who were all born in 2000. Dallin was baptised in April. Emma will be baptised on her birthday, October 11, and Gracie will be baptised in November.
The family gathering for the baptism
Some of the boy cousins on the bridge.
Emily, playing for us to sing "I am a Child of God" It was so beautiful...there in that setting.
Rick, conducting the service. Afterwards we all went up to the cabin and gathered in the front room for the confirmation. The girls had changed into their darling dresses and their fathers into shirts and ties. They all looked so nice. After the confirmations, we heard testimonies from both sets of parents. The Spirit was strong.

Grandma and Grandpa Evans with the girls after the confirmation
Sydney with her parents...
...and Mallory with hers.
Mallory and Sydney together in front of the cabin. What a wonderful day!

Gathering for the dinner after the confirmation. The weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. Everyone helped as usual. On the right of the table is Wendy's parents, Karen and Dave Giles and brother Eric.

Raymond and Marge Alvey (Dave's parents), and his sister Francine. We counted about 60 people there! What a great support for these two little girls.

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