Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bountiful piano recital

We attended a piano recital on August 27 for 4 of our grandchildren. They all did a wonderful job. Here they are posing at the piano afterwards. Rachel, Dallin, Emma, and Taylor. Taylor is especially happy that the recital is over, don't you think!
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Cannon is growing up!

Cannon very interested in the T.V. one night at our home. To see what he was smiling about look below.
Yep! was Hillary speaking at the Democratic Convention in Denver....wonder what he thought was so amusing? :)
Hanging out with grandpa...what a cutie! (Grandpa is pretty cute too)
He wasn't too sure about the grass in our back yard. But he was content to stay there for quite a while. He LOVES being outside. I think he is going to take after his daddy!
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Mesa's birthday

We celebrated Mesa's birthday on Sunday the 24th, because she was not able to come on the 17th when we celebrated all the other August birthdays. She turned 10 on the 27th. Rick & Donna's family came to join in the fun.

Mesa didn't get her wish because Emily had put on trick candles!... so it took her about 10 blows! (And Nathan still had to help with his "fireproof fingers" :)
Three super cute cousins...Gracie, Mesa, and Abby.
The birthday girl with her loot! That 100 dollar bill was NOT real :)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The two new Granddaughters

It is so fun having these two new little baby angels in our family born just 2 weeks apart. I'm sure they will be good friends, and Cannon will be their "protector", I'm sure, Emily :)
We are just so very grateful that all four babies are here and are strong and healthy and beautiful. We are very blessed.
Mesia loves her baby sister...born July 22nd. This picture was taken on August 16th so she is just 3 1/2 weeks old.
No name for sure yet, but either Kalea or Anna... probably :)
This is Hannah Jane Tingey born August 4th. These two pictures were taken on August 18th, so she is just 2 weeks old and weighs 7lb 7 oz. now.
They are both darling little girls and I can see some similarities. I'm anxious to see them side by side. I hope we can do that soon.
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August birthdays

We have LOTS of family Birthdays in August...with the birth of Hannah Jane Tingey it is now up to 8!

Mesia celebrated on the 1st with Grandpa McMurray, but the next day we had her and Spencer here for Sunday dinner, and we celebrated again! Here she is showing us that she is now 2!
Spencer is a very handsome young man of 14, and will be ordained a teacher in a couple of weeks. We are proud of you, Spencer.
Alexa turned 5 on the 13th, and we celebrated when we got home from the cabin (getting my purse)
The cousins that were there to help Alexa celebrate her birthday. Mallory, Cannon, Mesia, baby sister, Alexa, and Allie
Below, Cannon doing his trick

On Sunday the 17th we also celebrated Abby (10) and Sydney (8) birthdays

" Getting ready to blow "

Cannon wants to help

Abby's birthday was this very day...the 17th.

Sydney's birthday is on Tuesday the 19th. We were also going to celebrate Clare's which was the 16th, but she and Dan did not get here until just before we had to leave to go to Grandma Alices' birthday

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Grandma Alice 98th birthday

Grandma Alice turned 98 on August 14th, but we celebrated on Sunday evening the 17th. Grandma was too weak to even get in a wheelchair this year so we all gathered in her little room around her bed and sang Happy Birthday and helped her blow out the candles. She loved it and even led the music as we sang. She hardly opens her eyes anymore, though, and I wonder how much longer she can live like this. John asked her if she had any advise for us and she said yes. She wanted us to know how much she loved each one of us and then she told us to love everybody because everybody in the world needs love! Pretty good advise for a 98 year old! After that we sang Love One Another and Familes Can Be Together Forever. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Leading the singing.

More singing

Giving us advise.

Kenny Allen (Brad's missionary companion) and his wife Starla and son, Legrand, were here, so also came to the party. Grandma Alice used to have a good time joking with Kenny that she was going to marry him!

John and grandaughter, Abby. (Allyson & Jim's daughter)

Our Abby with Mesia and Eliza

Eliza with Cannon....he did not feel very good that night...getting over some virus, I think. He had been in the Emergency Room on Thursday night!

Jan with son Will and daughter Kathryn and her baby McKay and husband, Daniel

Sawyer with his balloons. He told me he had to collect one of every color.Posted by Picasa

Back to the Cabin AGAIN!

We came home from the cabin late Monday night, but then Tuesday morning I realized I had left my purse up there! So Wednesday I drove back up and this time I took Mallory and Alexa (it was her birthday) and Clare and Mesia and the new baby. We just stayed for a few hours, but it was a beautiful day and well worth the drive.

Feeding Poco and Chief carrots. THEY WERE HUNGRY!

Walking down to throw rocks in the river. Mesia and Alexa

On the big bridge with Grandma. We threw a LOT of rocks

Clare and Mesia with baby sister in the sling.

When we returned from the river, the horses had gotten out of the pasture and were grazing around the cabin. Then they came right up to the back porch and wanted to come in!! I guess they wanted more carrots!

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Stay Over with Grandma

Chad, Joshua and Sawyer stayed over at the cabin for a couple of days with Brad and me. Their favorite thing to do was try to catch these little groundhogs. They finally learned how to do it, and ended up catching LOTS! I had to supervise and MAKE THEM let them go after a few minutes so that the poor things wouldn't get scared to death. Anyway, they had a good time...the boys, that is, NOT the ground hogs!!

They also worked REALLY HARD helping Brad and me dig out the ditch for water to come into the little pasture. It took us several hours, but WE DID IT! And boy, did we get dirty!

Washing off in the hose before coming into the cabin.
This is AFTER we had all washed off!!! We look like a pretty sorry bunch, don't we?
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Uncle Brad with the grandchildren

The grandchildren LOVE Uncle Brad to bounce them on the trampoline. Here he is doing tricks with Abby & Eliza.

And here with Gracie, Sydney, Emma, & Rachel

Friday, August 15, 2008

August Cabin

Our cabin week started out a little rainy on Thurs. but the rest of the time it was quite nice. It would cloud up and rain a little every day, but not enough to stop the fun.

Ellie & Cannon
Caleb & Cannon....they are going to be such good friends someday.
Rachel & Cannon....What a "little mother" she is. She will be such a good big sister. Michelle didn't come with the baby, of course, but the older 3 boys came up with cousins on Thursday, and then Dave brought up the younger three for Friday and Saturday to give Michelle a little break. The baby is less than a week old!
The 4 "bakers". Rachel, Eli, Caleb, and Lauren. Look at that great cake/castle they made in the sandpile.
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