Friday, November 9, 2007

This is the Place "Little Haunts"

We had a sleepover on Sunday night, the 28th, and the next morning went up to This is the Place for their Halloween Party. The kids all got things to wear from my dress-ups because they had sent their regular costumes home with their parents. It was fun to see what they came up with....very creative

Looking at the Pigs. Eli, Gracie, Eliza, Mallory, Sydney, Abby, and Emma. (Alexa did not like the smell!)
With one of the "scarecrows" You can see the corn maze over to the right.
It's always fun to go in the petting zoo. It was a beautiful day...almost too hot with costumes on.
The whole group at the beginning of the park with "headhunter Grandma"
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween 2007

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

What a great night it was for our Halloween Party on Sunday, October 28th. It was so warm we decided to have our costume parade outside in front. Tara & Tessa organized it in the living room and everyone came out the front door one by one starting with Ellie, the youngest, with the help of her Dad, of course. I wish I had taken a picture of all the "paparazi" sp? lining the sidewalk. It was quite a sight. The grandkids loved it....and So Did We!!

Some favorite shots!

The whole costumed group....quite a sight, isn't it?
Our bevy of beautiful witches... Tessa, Ellie, Wendy, Mallory, and Rachel (in front). Who would be afraid of a witch like these?
Our oldest Grandson....Ricky, in a Star Wars costume. Thanks, Ricky, for not being too old to dress up for the parade! You're great!
Our youngest Grandchild...Ellie, starting off our parade. Isn't she a bewitching witch?
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Some cute, some scary, some ????

Can you guess who this is? I couldn't! It's Spencer...what a great outfit....really HIP!
It's a's a's an angel with a hook hand....No Wait!.....It's ADAM!! Way to mix it up!
I'm sure this was the real Batman....he even flew....a little anyway. (off the porch) Good job, Nathan!
And here we have Miss...................???? Well, anyway....she is a cutie. Tara always is!
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A mixture of "spooks"

Abby, as a "dead cheerleader". Oh, she is way too cute for that!
Chad, as a mummy. I didn't even recognize him! He had made this costume all out of toilet paper!
Stafford, in a great karate costume! Just look at that mask! And that form!
Taylor, in a scarey "Scream" outfit with an arrow through his head, no less. Ouch....that must hurt!
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Some little darlings

Cinderella is ready for the ball...Lauren is always a princess!
It's Dorothy with her dog TOTO.....really Gracie, of course. I wonder if she can sing.
What a darling little lady bug....who wouldn't want her (Emma) in their garden.
What a perfect looking Heidi! Sydney wasn't sure who Heidi was....but all the older people knew. Wonder where her goats are?
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More Halloween

Joshua, the hippie, being attacked by Sawyer, one of the three musketeers.
A pretty leopard, Alexa. Can you guess who her "favorite skeleton" is? Eli, of course!
It's Dorothy and her lion...but this one doesn't need any courage! Mesia and Caleb....aren't they darling?
Our two Indians, or is that Native Americans. Whatever....they are darling in these great costumes. Dallin & Eliza
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Adults

I asked all the adults to dress up this year and most of them did. I even got Grandpa to dress up. The Grandkids loved seeing him in costume, but I doubt if he will EVER do it again!

Dan as a "fat man" (those were size 48 jeans!) with his beautiful Hawaiian wife, Clare. It was nice to see a little weight on Dan, except for the arms, that is!!
Rick as a long-haired BYU man .....don't really see too many of those. :>) He had to borrow these BYU items from his neighbor!
Michelle as a cave women. Shown here with her little brood....her 4 youngest.
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More Adults

Grandma & Grandpa as "head hunters" This was pretty hard for Grandpa to do...but the kids loved it
Mark as a tatooed "biker" with a gorgeous witch for a wife and the cutest baby witch you had ever seen
Emily as a hunter with her captured "bear"...Kevin.
Angela as Princess Guenevere and Dave as her "beast"!
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