Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nauvoo Farewells!!

To the Site Missionaries (Elder & Sister Cranney one night after Rendezvous) He is my mother's 2nd cousin.
Farewell to all my house plants...just look how healthy they are. This is Sister Lambert & Sister Hallman who work in the laundry at the Temple. They promised to talk to them and keep them healthy and happy :) I hated to let them go, but there was no way I could get them all home.
Took my last walk in the Groves west of the Temple and read this sign telling of the Saints leaving Nauvoo in 1846...Yes, it is a solemn time for them and for me!
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Outdoor Stage where "Sunset" was held.
Singing at the Last Big Group Dinner.  We sang "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You"...a real tear jerker!!
Last time to the Pioneer Cemetery
Wrapping gifts for the new "Winter Warriors"
Last Friday night at "Grandpa Johns" with the Friday PM missionaries.

Farewell to President and Sister Ross  (with the Ludwigs)
Farewell openhouse for the Petersons
I was on the committee for this party.  Don't the tables look great!
Farewell to two wonderful local sisters:  Sister Anderson (her husband is one of the Bishops in town, and Sister Hawkes, she is the Relief Society president in one of the wards.

Sister Chipman...a dear friend and fellow missionary. 
Alma De la Reva and her family 

The Tukuafus 

Farewell to Great grandfather Oak!!   He looks sad, doesn't he?
Last time to serve in the Information Center...Oct. 28th

Saying goodbye to my beautiful flower garden...we had to pull them up Friday, Oct 29th
This is how it looked after the "pull" :(
The huge pile of flowers & vegetables!!  There were lots of green tomatoes :(
NRI picking up the flowers and tomato plants
Rick, taking his last bike ride with me.  Friday 29th of Oct.
Saying Farewell to Brigham and Joseph
A last Sunset ...what a great place to ride a bike.
Farewell to the wonderful horses that pull the carriage and wagon rides.  They come by our apt. every day several times.  Going to miss them.

 A really SAD my last drink of is finally ALL GONE!!
Rick's sad Goodbye to his walking shoes...don't you think it is about time?!

Sunset October 30th

I took a quick last ride down to the river before going to the Pumpkin Walk, and it was incredible!! At first it was such a beautiful rosy glow all over the sky and river and then it turned more and more vivid until it was this bright redish orange. I have never seen such a beautiful sight on the river. It was indeed a "Tender Mercy", because this was the last sunset I would be able to see in Nauvoo!! :(

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Pumpkin Walk in Bootiful Nauvoo!

This is an annual event in Nauvoo, and people come from miles around. The streets were packed with people and lined with hundreds of lighted pumpkins. It was a fun evening and the temperature was perfect.

Sister Beahmer handing out free popcorn and candy compliments of the Nauvoo Mission.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hosting at the Temple

Every Sunday afternoon throughout the year they have missionary couples take 2 hour shifts hosting on the Temple grounds. We just talk with any visitors that are there, and it is often a good missionary opportunity. We have done this several times the last 18 months, but it has almost always been either really hot & humid, or freezing cold or rainy or snowing etc.!! But yesterday, which will be our last time to host it was absolutely perfect!! We were there from 5-7 and talked with about 60 people from all over. The weather was beautiful and it almost seemed surreal...both the Temple and view looking down over the flats towards the river. I know I have said this many times before, but there is a very special spirit about Nauvoo, and we could really feel it last evening! There was not any wind, and the sky looked like it had been painted. These photos just do not do it justice, but I wanted to have them on this blog to perhaps jog my memory sometime in the future of the very awesome evening that this was!! We LOVED IT!

"Elder Evans" talking with some of the visitors we had.

The sunset behind Joseph & Hyrum was fantastic! The cloud formations were so interesting, and at one point just at sunset a Huge flock of geese flew overhead honking and honking as they do. It only added to the beauty of these place. Nauvoo has more geese that anywhere around, and we are going to miss them.
When we left at 7:00, it was already dark and I had to shoot a quick picture of the Temple. Gorgeous at night!!
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Sister Jaussi's book signing.

Saturday night Sister Lord and Sister Smith had a "book signing" for Sister Jaussi. Sister Smith had found lots of her book "Solo" on the Internet and had purchased them for all of us!...and wouldn't let us reimburse here. It was a fun evening. We had root beer floats and just visited and talked with Sister Jaussi about her experience. She is such a good friend. I am going to miss her.

Part of the group...different people kept coming all evening as they finished their shift at the Temple.

Sisters Brady, Lords, Smith & Baca. It was held at Sister Lords apartment.
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