Thursday, May 24, 2007

More at the Tower on Gile Mt.

Dad at the bottom ..(can you see him?)
Brad at the was this kind of a view 360 degrees! I would LOVE to see it in the fall
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Outdoor fun

Dad on the shore of Boston Lots lake....only about a 15 minute hike from the road....beautiful!
Dan & Dad at Boston Lots lake
A fire tower on the top of a hill we hiked could see FOREVER...(on a clear day...but as you can see it was kinda foggy)
Everyone on the top except for Dad....see picture above for him!
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At the play ground behind Madison's home

Mesia with Grandpa
Madison with Grandpa
Mesia's look!
Fun on the swing!!
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More on the Freedom Trail

Dan discovered he was killed in one of the battles
Right after seeing his name on the plaque above we saw this sign on a tour bus!
An old cemetary where many of the patriots are buried.
The Boston Temple.....this is not on the Freedom trail, of course, but as we drove to this on our way home and felt the peace that was there on the grounds, we were so grateful for all our ancesters did to promote the freedom of religion that we enjoy today. The entire day was so worthwhile.
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Old North Church & Paul Revere Statue

The Old North Church where they hung the lanterns to alert Paul Revere about the British - "one if by land & two if by sea".

The Church can read the sign telling about Paul Revere's ride.
The inside of the Old North Church.
The Paul Revere statue on the grounds outside the church. We also toured the house where Paul Revere lived from 1770 until 1800, but it was built in 1690! It was really cool. Especially to think that we were in something so old.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Next Stop..The US Constitution

This was an incredible tour of this old battleship that was first used in the Revolutionary War. It is also know as "Old Iron Sides". Even though it was made of wood, it withstood many hits from cannons.
Madison on one of the cannons.

This is how the sailors slept....on hammocks...but since there were about 450 crew, they slept in 4 hour shifts.
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At the top of the Monument


The view of Boston from the top
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Freedom Trail

Yesterday we drove to Boston and spent the entire day on the Freedom Trail...a walking tour that takes you to many different historical sites pertaining to the Revolution and this country's quest for freedom from the British. It was fascinating. We could have spent another day. Actually, it wasn't an ENTIRE day because by the time we got the two babies ready (& all of us- with just one bathroom), it was 11:00 before we got away, and it is a two hour drive to Boston. We did have a little "Miracle" in finding a parking place in Boston (which is near to impossible) We just came upon this little piece of land by a service station and several cars were parked there, with no sign that said "NO PARKING", and so we pulled the van in the last spot and parked . However, there was no place for Dan & Clare's car. They drove all around for about 10 minutes, and just when we were ready to give up, a man came and got into one of the cars and drove away! So Dan & Clare pulled in and took his spot. It was so was right where we wanted to start the Freedom Trail and it was free parking! Just a little "Tender Mercy"!

Finally ready for the walk!

Our first stop was this monument on Bunker Hill...where one of the great battles was held. Over a thousand British troops were killed and 400 patriots. It was here that the commander of the patriots said "Don't shoot until you see the white of their eyes".
I loved this shot of the monument taken right at the base. A jet had just gone by and the sun was perfect.
Going up the circular staircase in the monument. There were 294 stairs!
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy pictures!

Grandma & Mesia
Madison collecting rocks
Dan & Clare
Bathtime fun
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Odds & Ends from New Hampshire

We took a tour with Brian through the Medical School today......It's fun to be able to visualize where he has spent the last two years.
This was really cool! At the Joseph Smith Birthplace yesterday, they told us that they had a first addition of the Book of Mormon at the Dartmouth library so we decided to go today and try to see it. The librarian brought it out to our table and told us we were to not pick it up, but we could turn the pages and look at it as long as we wanted. It was pretty amazing. I don't think they realize how much it is worth! Dad thinks over $100,000!!
This is Occom Pond on the grounds of Dartmouth college. It is where Brian plays hockey in the winter. I'll bet the homes around this pond are worth a lot!
One of the many "covered bridges" in New Hampshire.
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Hike to Balch Tree Hill

Today (5/21/07) it was finally sunny, but windy and a little cool...well, at least those of us from Salt Lake felt it was was probably about 60. Brian & Sarah felt like it was summer!! This was a just a short hike overlooking Dartmouth.

Madison & Mesia in their sunhats.
The brothers ....aren't they handsome!
Dads and Daughters on the way up the hill.
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