Thursday, February 19, 2009

An update on Grandpa Mac

I went to Burley on the 11th, just one day after Dad's surgery and found him in very good spirits. I'm really glad he decided to have this done, and I know he will soon be up and going again soon! They even had him up and walking that next day!

Cynthia, kissing him "goodbye" before she left on the 12th.

The valentines for Grandma & Grandpa McMurray from Mallory, Alexa, and Ellie. We posted them on his hospital wall and he LOVED THEM!!

I think Mother is more encouraged now too! Thanks, everyone for your prayers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

YouTube - Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

I found this on YouTube and loved it! It reminds me of the day when "the lamb will lie down with the lion" Enjoy!

YouTube - Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Broken Hip!

Grandpa McMurray fell and broke his hip on February 4th. I went to Idaho the next day, but had to return on the 7th. My sisters were all there, and gave him and mother lots of support. He was not able to have the surgery until the 10th because of various health problems, so he was in ICU for 6 days with his leg in a lot of pain, but he was such a trooper through it all! The surgery went very well yesterday, for which we are so grateful. Dr. Joe was amazing! I am returning today to help out again for a few days. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him, BUT I KNOW he CAN DO IT!!!
I loved this picture of Mom touching him so tenderly. I can only imagine all the thoughts going through her mind.
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Guess Who and Why??!!!

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Sledding at Grandma's

It was such a beautiful day on January 27th, Clare and Mesia came over to slide down the hill in the back yard.
Mommy had to do all the work :)
Mesia loved it all!
The end of the run....just look at all the snow on the branches!! We had several break because of the weight!
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Grandpa's 74th birthday!

Getting ready to blow---
Doing his funny blow! (Those candles really said 74 from his side)
Some of the girls in their dress-ups
A "loving brother and sister" Are you happy about this, Adam?
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More of Brad's pictures while snow boarding with Kevin and Emily at Solitude.
Kevin on the lift
Brad and Emily
Emily and Kevin ready to start down
view from the top!
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Snowmobile trip with Tingey's

On January 19-20 Rick and I went with the Tingey's on a snowmobile trip (to help babysit) :)....but it was really fun!
Dave and Lauren by the cabin
All 6 kids in their "gear" ....Hannah didn't get to go on the snowmobiles :)
Caleb ....proud of his helmet!
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More of the Tingey's trip

Hannah with Stafford in the cabin
Michelle getting ready to go to the hot tub that night. We had to walk about 50 yards in the we wore out suits and boots. It was quite a sight :) She was ready to take a picture of the kids, so I took one of her. Grandpa stayed and tended Hannah.
All the kids getting ready to go to the hot tub
In the whirl pool tub in the cabin after an afternoon in the felt good!
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Grandma McMurray's 88 birthday

My sisters and I all went home for our mother's 88th birthday the weekend of January 16-18. We surprised her with a party, complete with balloons and a cake. Don't they both look great....they were even dress in matching colors without planning it!

The good looking couple 88 & 90!! Wow! Amazing!!
Garianne came over for the party...
And brought Parker to play with "Grandma Wendy." (he especially liked playing with the balloons)
Our family sad to think in just 3 weeks, Dad would be in the hospital with a broken hip!!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brian & Sarah leave!!

Brian & Sarah and the girls left to fly back to New Hampshire on Saturday January 10th. It was a wonderful Holiday with them. They were here 7 weeks....but it went be so fast and we really miss them!!

Abby DID NOT want to go :( Madison is trying to be brave:)
What a job it is to travel with two little ones!
Our last view of them going through security....what a pain!!!
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Building a snowman with Daddy

These pictures were taken at McVea's by Sarah, and aren't they darling! You are a great photographer, Sarah!
What a face!
"Come on, Daddy...let's get building!"
Putting on the nose!
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Snow fun with McVea's

The finished snow man...Brian and Madison with Sarah's sisters.
A snowball fight!

Building Thomas the "Snowtrain"
The happy family with "Thomas"
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