Friday, August 27, 2010

Anna Amanda

This is one of the shows put on by the Young Performing Missionaries. It is darling...but because it was shown in the morning each day, we were not able to see it very often, since we had all morning shifts in the Temple.

The pre-show with puppets...the kids loved this!!

Anna Amanda

All dressed up, trying to look important!

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Some favorite pageant pictures!

Parley Pratt

Mary Jane & Brigham Young

Becky & Robert Laird
Emma &Joseph
4th of July Celebration

Joseph, teaching the people of Nauvoo.

Brigham with Becky and Robert in Scotland
The Laird family leaving Nauvoo.
Relating the story of his Vision.

Healing the sick
Talking to Robert
Organizing the Relief Society.Posted by Picasa

With Jane Manning
The Temple is finished!
The finale.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tingey's visit

The Tingeys came to visit on the 28th of July.  We heard a knock at the door and when we opened it, this was what we saw!!!  Isaac...ALL BY HIMSELF!  It was so fun to see him for the first time, and he gave us a big smile.  WHAT A TREAT!

Then ALL THE REST CAME POURING IN!!  It was a houseful...but oh, such fun!  They all had on the Nauvoo T-shirts we had sent them last year...except for Hannah who had outgrown hers already!
At the pre-pageant activities....READY TO DANCE!

Watching the dancers.

With "Brigham Young" after the Pageant!  He was great!

Michelle with "Jane Manning".

At Pioneer Past Times the next day

"Watch...I can do this!"

Sisters...  Aren't they cute?!

This one is pretty cute too!!  And what a good big brother!

We are having fun here!...

Well, maybe not EVERYONE!  Isaac doesn't want to be a pioneer!!


All ready to sleep at Grandma and Grandpa's apartment.

Sure was fun getting to know Isaac!

Hannah loved the toys I had borrowed from Sister Krumperman.

Family Prayer the day they left...sure going to miss them.  Our Apartment will seem so lonely, and quiet!
However, I think the Beckstroms who live downstairs will be grateful for the peace and quiet :)

Stopped to show them the town of Warsaw on their way out.  Pretty amazing place.  This is one of the better store fronts!

Took a last picture with Isaac and then said our "Goodbyes"  :(