Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

This was a very special Memorial Day celebration because Grandma Alice came!! She couldn't get out of the car, but she came to the cemetery, and Uncle John also took her to Kaysville. When I first talked to her at Uncle Bill's, she could remember going to Kaysville, both to the cemetery and seeing her old home, even commented that she was sad she was not able to go inside. However, several minutes later, she could not even remember going there. It was sad...but at least she got out for a bit and she enjoyed it in the moment.
At the Salt Lake Cemetery.
Abby and Eliza talking with Grandma Alice at Bill & Jan's. They even brought her some ice cream which she loved!
Everyone came out to see her in the car and sang "I am a Child of God" She loved it, and even led the singing through the window.
Some of the Grandkids with Brad and me at Grandpa's grave. It was a beautiful day, as you can see, and we had had several days of rain just before.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mesia in the sprinkler

Clare and Mesia came over for a visit last week on one of our HOT days! It was probably about 93 degrees! We decided to let her play in the sprinkler which she had never done before. She was a little apprehensive at first, but when she got used to it she had a blast!

smelling Grandma's pretty flowers...
They feel pretty too.
"Help me mommy."
"This is fun!"
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Mesia with baby Cannon

Mesia LOVES her baby cousin, Cannon....that is unless her mommy holds him too much. Anyway I loved these pictures of her with him and you can see Cannon likes her too!

"What's that on your head, Mesia....wish I had some."

" I LOVE Cannon!"

" I LOVE Mesia too!"
Cannon smiles so cute now! It is really fun to talk with him and see if you can make him smile. I think he smiles most for his daddy, though.
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Christina's first half marathon

Christina ran the Ogden half marathon on May 17th, and did really well. She had trained hard with several ladies in her neighborhood. Her time was about 2hr.20min, but she stayed back part of the way with a neighbor who was getting cramps.....isn't that just like Christina....always thinking of someone else. Anyway, we were very proud of her and it was fun being there. Next year I want to try it :>)
Her supportive family there to cheer her on and congratulate her.
A proud Dad!
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Monday, May 12, 2008

May Birthdays

On Sunday the 11th we celebrated all the May birthdays at our home. We missed Madison who turned 2 on the 1st, because she is back in New Hampshire of course, but all the others were there. We are looking forward to seeing Madison in June when they come for a visit.

Eli, turned 5 on the 8th.
Joshua will be 10 on the 18th.
Angela will be 41 on the 17th, and Rick 45 on the 24th. They both look about 30, don't you think?
Taylor will be 11 on the 24th. He shares a birthday with Uncle Rick. What a fun celebration!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Park City with my Daughters

On the first weekend in May we had our second Annual Mother/Daughters retreat. We first attended Women's conference at BYU (well, a few of us did! wasn't too good of a year for that with nursing babies etc., but hopefully next year will be better attended.) The conference was wonderful with President Monson giving the final address - his first as the Prophet. Then drove through the canyon to Park City and met up with the others at the Bajio for dinner. Afterwards we went to the condo for ice cream and goodies and a lot of fun talking and laughing until late at night when most had to return to Salt Lake. Angela, Emily & I (and of course Cannon) stayed over. It was a fun think to do, and I'm grateful everyone made the effort to come. I hope as the children get older we will all be able to attend Women's conference and make it a two night event! We also hope Sarah will be able to join us someday! Thanks again, husbands for your support with this.

Having dinner at the Bajio
Wendy with Ellie, who got to join us this year!

And Cannon got to be here too! He will be 1 month old in 4 more days!

Donna, in her typical pose whenever she sees a camera! We are so glad she came, though, she had not felt good all day, and didn't make it to the conference Friday.

Emily, Clare and me. Both Clare and Michelle with have nursing babies next year :>) so don't know how much they will be able to participate. Clare is due in July and Michelle in August.

Michelle, Christina and Angela

Ellie doesn't know quite what to think of Cannon.....and Cannon doesn't really care!

Cannon's first time at the Condo. I think he liked it. He especially liked the fan which he is looking at in this photo.

Ellie LOVED the condo! She is such a good natured little girl.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Miss Evans photo shoot

These pictures are on Sarah and Brian's blog, but I wanted to post them here too. Isn't she a doll? We can hardly wait to go back and see her in person. She still doesn't have a name yet, but that is ok!

Mommy with her "angel"!
Daddy calming his little girl.
"I love you, baby sister."
Madison isn't quite sure about all of this.
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More of Cannon Joseph Bake

Sleeping with Mom...
And with Dad.
I'm getting bigger...
But my feet are still kinda small!
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