Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthday Celebrations and BIG SURPRISE!

Sunday Oct. 7th was Brad's birthday and since the whole family was here for Sunday dinner we not only celebrated Brad's , but Mark and Tara's also. I don't know what Mark was trying to do here, but this "face" definitely needed to be published, don't you think?!

Tara was "sweet 16" on Oct. 10th...... We will not say how old Mark and Brad are :>)

Blowing out her 16 candles.
But the biggest and BEST SURPRISE of the evening was Kevin & Emily's announcement that THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE A BABY IN APRIL!! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!! Do they look happy or what! This make two babies due in April. We are SO BLESSED.
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The girls enjoyed opening their Halloween bags from Grandma & Grandpa
Ellie is getting cuter every day.
Alexa LOVES the babies! Mesia loves her too.
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Hike up Millcreek

On October 4th, Rick and I and Clare and Mesia joined Brad for one of his many hikes up Millcreek canyon. (Dan was working. ) It was a beautiful day and the leaves were breath-taking. We had a great time. I love this time of year.

Mesia got a ride with Brad part of the way.
Just look at those leaves.
Hold on Mesia!
Two beautiful smiles!
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Last weekend at the Cabin

September 28th-30th was our last weekend at the cabin. The leaves were beautiful, but we knew a storm was coming. Friday wasn't too bad, but Saturday it rained and hailed and snowed! However, the kids didn't mind, and had a great time in the snow. The Barlow's even came up that day, and we had a fun time with them playing games. We also celebrated Mark's birthday. It was a small group, compared to other times this summer, but everyone was glad they came. Dad and I stayed up until Sunday morning and it a BEAUTIFUL DAY! There was not a cloud in the sky and the snow sparkling in the sun was awesome. I wish everyone could have been there.

The Storm is coming in!
Snow on the Old Man Mountain
Sunday morning just as the sun was rising. It was gorgeous! Everything was sparkling.
Looking back on the ranch as were were leaving. Just look at that sky. It was sad to think it may be months before we are up here again!
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Playing in the Snow!

Fun on the tramp..Mesa, Mallory, Joshua & Emma. WHERE IS YOUR COAT, EMMA!!!
"No!..don't throw that snowball at Grandma, Mesa!" SHE DID!
Catching snowflakes on our tongues. Alexa & friends!
"Push me higher, Daddy" Alexa and Mark.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Time for a nap

Mark and Ellie....what a nice peaceful place to sleep.
Kevin & Emily....on the bunk bed. They slept though all the laughter and games!
Tessa and Steve. A father/daughter moment. Look at that snow outside!!!
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Celebrating Mark's birthday

This cake tasted a LOT better than it looks :>)
We'll help you blow, Daddy!
What's the matter, Mark...don't you like Grandma Alice's goulash? Actually it was really good!
The Happy family!
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Fun inside the Cabin

Chad and Joshua ready for anything....except all that snow outside!
Our two little pioneers!
Aren't they darling! Eli and Alexa. They can play together for hours and hours
Eli had locked Grandpa in the closet while he was on the phone!!!
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Friday at the Cabin

Ellie wasn't cold! ...isn't she a cutie. She LOVED the cabin.....a true Evans!!!
Mark & his girls at dusk ..Friday Night.
"This is fun, Daddy! (Ellie is laughing, not crying)
The trio in the sandbox...Mesa, Emma, and Mallory. This was BEFORE the storm!
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