Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mesa's 9th birthday was Monday, but since she wouldn't be here then we celebrated the day before at Emily and Kevin's apartment. Seems like just yesterday she was baptized. She is growing up fast!
Mesa and her talking doll, Cloe ("but you can call me Angel....all my friends do")
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here is the collage of the scenes from the river trip last week. Somehow this collage disappeared from my Blog! Don't know why that happens and apparently Google can't seem to figure it out either!!!! Anyway, I hope this will stay on the Blog this time. It WAS a fun time. Thanks, Dan & Clare for inviting me...and thanks to Barlows for letting us crash their "party"!
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

River Rafting on the Green

On Tuesday night, Dan called and invited Rick and me to go to Flaming Gorge the next morning at 5:00 A.M.!!! He and Clare were going to join the Barlow family for a river rafting trip the next day. Rick could not go, so we at first told him "no", but then I started thinking..."There's no reason I can't go"...and since I had NEVER seen Flaming Gorge NOR EVER been on a river run, I REALLY wanted to I did, and I'm so glad! It was so much fun and the area was so beautiful. I now want my entire family to go there together sometime.

The views were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. The next day was stormy and gray, so we were very lucky to have gone the day we did.
The Barlow clan ...starting down the river.
Trying to "catch up" with the Barlow's...just look at that view.
Mesia LOVED the river....but only if we were in rapids! She got bored when we were just peacefully floating.
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River Rafting on the Green

Scenes from the River...what a great day!

Red Rock cabin area

The place we stayed was so beautiful. Christina and Steve had reserved their cabin months ago and Dan was lucky enough to call the day they had a cancellation, so we were right next to the Barlows. The cabins were all on the edge of a little private lake with beautiful views from the decks. I would have liked to have stayed more than one night!
How's this for a view! Looking down on one of the many canyons at Flaming Gorge.

I loved this picture of the Barlow's walking back from the look out point.
Chad and Tessa on the lake by the cabins. You could also rent row boats or canoes.
Dan, Clare and Mesia ....this was taken on the deck of the cabin....quite a view, isn't it?
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more of Red Rock Cabins

Early morning on the boat dock by our cabins.
Looking at our cabins from the other side of the lake. We took a walk all around the lake that next morning.
A mother and her two fawns...We saw lots of wild life on the trip, including otters, cranes and mountain goats!
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Birthday Celebration

On Sunday the 19th, we celebrated 4 birthdays..Sydney (7)...Alexa (4)...Abby (9) ...and Clare (26)...Four Beautiful Girls! (Clare is holding the newest member of our family, Ellie Elizabeth...Mark & Wendy's new daughter)
Abby & Eliza opening her present.
The "Crazy Grandsons"! I couldn't get them to be serious for a picture.
Isn't this a darling group....the little girls and Eli! We were missing the Tingey's that day....they were on vacation.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alexa's 4th birthday

Alexa turned 4 today...August 13th... and she had a party at the park with her Evans and Giles grandparents. What a beautiful "princess" she has become, and she is so proud to be 4! She kept saying "I can't believe I'm 4!" Notice the cake, it is the center of Grandma Alice's cake from last night. It worked great, especially since orange is Alexa's favorite color. I even changed the 97 to a 4, so it said Happy 4th Birthday! How's that for recycling!

Pictures from Alexa's party

Princess Alexa

Mallory, Alexa, and baby Ellie (oh, and Belle)

Sister, Ellie....enjoying the party!

Blowing out those candles! (before the wind did)
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandma Alice turns 97!

Doesn't she look great! What a night this was. We all gathered at the Federal Heights for a birthday celebration for Grandma Alice on Sunday night the 12th of August. Her birthday is actually on Tues. the 14th, but this was the best time to celebrate. We had about 70 of her posterity there....just about everyone that was in town. She was VERY PLEASED.

I think she loved her cake. It was a carrot cake and very delicious!

I don't think she really needed help blowing out her candles, but I loved this picture of her and Bill blowing.

She was also presented this beautiful bouquet of yellow roses from the Rotary Club. This picture will appear in the Rotary magazine.
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snap shots from the party

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Pictures with Grandma

Taken in her room right before the party. Emily had to work that night so came early to wish Grandma "Happy Birthday. Doesn't Grandma look nice? We had her hair and nails done and got this dress from her home. I also put a little make-up on her which she has not had done for a while. I think she was very pleased. She certainly does not look 97!

"We love our Great Grandma!" Kathryn (Colleen's ) and Alexa

Mark and Wendy and their three beautiful girls!

Alice and her sons!
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More pictures with Grandma

Rick and children
Bill and Jan and family The Barlow's
Tom with Grandma. This was taken towards the end of the evening and Grandma was getting tired. What a good sport she was, though. When I told her it was almost over and then she could go to her room and rest, she said "You can go on forever, if you want" I think she really enjoyed the night.
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