Monday, February 18, 2008

Aunt Joan's Birthday lunch

What a fun day this was! My cousin Debbie Hogan invited Emily and me to come to lunch in Provo for her mom's (Aunt Joan) birthday. Debbie's sister Diane was there from California with her daughter, and also Alison and Cathi Wheeler ~ well, used to be Wheeler~ also cousins. We also brought Aunt Carol. It was a great day and made me realize even more what a wonderful extended family I have. We need to have a reunion again.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

On January 20th, we had a sleep over with the older boys, but the only ones who stayed were Nathan, Chad, Sawyer, and Spencer. It was fun though. They are all such good kids. The next day, because it was snowing, we decided to go over to our Ward bldg. and let them explore. They had a great time, especially in the basement where the ward used to have a shooting range....probably the only one in the entire Church!!

Ready to start the walk to the Church...the snow was about a foot deep and hadn't been plowed, so we couldn't take the car.
Downstairs in the furnace room...looking for treasures.
Looking for rifle shells and other treasures. I thought this was a cute picture with all their legs sticking out. Can you tell who is who?
The "treasure hunters" with Brad. He came over to play the piano. He is really going to miss that!
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January Birthday's

January is a month of many birthdays in our family. Steve Barlow on the 1st (he was a New Year's Baby!), Caleb Tingey on the 9th, Sawyer Alvey on the 15th, Grandpa on the 26th, and Brian on the 30th. We celebrated Grandpa's and Sawyer's at our home on Sunday the 27th. We wish Brian could have been there with us :(
In February we have NO BIRTHDAYS! Go figure!

Sawyer with is "rice krispie cake"! The kids all loved it.
Look at that smile....and at the shirt. I wonder what sister he is thinking of :>)
Grandpa with several of the grandchildren wanting to help him with the candles.
Caleb...blowing our his 2 candles! He is such a doll, and growing up so fast.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Piano Recital

The Barlows and the Tingeys at a piano recital on February 13th. Stafford, Taylor, Dallin, Rachel and Emma all performed and did a excellent job. It was a fun evening. Afterwards we also watched Stafford in a basketball gamePosted by Picasa