Monday, November 30, 2009

Nauvoo in late November

My walking path. Now that the leaves are off the trees, you can see into the woods more and often see animals....just little ones though...nothing too scary :)

I could hardly see this lake before or the homes across the lake, but now you have a good view of them.

I loved the reflection in the lake in this shot.

A typical log with see this a lot here...I guess because of the humidity.

I don't know what kind of berries these are, but they are all over in the woods.  I haven't tried them...but they look good :)Posted by Picasa

Our apartment on the night of the full moon in November.  See the candles in the windows.  This is a tradition here and everyone has them in almost ALL their windows.  It is really pretty when you are walking in the evening.  There is no one living on the main level of our building now, because the Romrells have returned home.  They had been here 18 months.  We miss them, but it is nice having the building all to ourselves.  We don't have to worry so much about being quiet.:)

The Heber C. Kimball home the same night!

The western sky that same night.  It has been a beautiful fall since we returned. Really warm somedays.

This picture taken on November 28th shows you just how warm it has been...see the sign on the bank....62 degrees...and it even got higher that day!   Check out all the cool Christmas decorations too.  This, of course is the main street of uptown Nauvoo.!

Thanksgiving in Nauvoo

We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Stake Center with 250 other Temple and Site missionaries (& some of their families who were visiting). It was a fun occasion...but not like being home with family :(

We sat at this table with the Footes, the Standifirds (he is a counselor in the Temple presidency) and the Coons...and really fun people!

Part of the program was a Turkey Gobbler contest. These are the participants. The 3 Temple missionaries who competed are in the center with the green John Deere hats. Elder Brady, Elder Allen, and Elder Coons.

After the dinner, we all went to the Visitor's Center for the lighting of the Christmas Tree.

Sister Eichbush and me, before the tree lighting.

It was Beautiful!!

The Nativity Scene in the Visitor's is lifesize!
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An Early Thanksgiving!!

On Sunday, the day before we were leaving to fly back to Nauvoo, ALL the family (50 of us) gathered at our home for an early Thanksgiving. What a LOT to be thankful for! And we are VERY THANKFUL for this wonderful posterity! They are all good people, who are living as they should and are kind and loving to one another. Remember, that was one of Grandma Alice's last request of LOVE ONE ANOTHER! I hope and pray our posterity will always do that! It is such a joy to us to see how well they all get along, and how they are good examples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As John the apostle said " I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth"

The table of little ones...Ellie, Abby, Cannon, Mesia, Madison and Caleb.  They didn't last very long sitting at the table...but it was cute while it lasted!!

These 3 cousins are such good friends...hope they will always stay that way...Lauren, Alexa, and Eli!

The Teenagers table...what more can I say!!

The pre-Teens...what a fun group this is...Dallin and his "harem" :)

The Adult table

Brad and his "girls" !

Grandpa & Grandma with Cannon...

& with Mallory, Ellie and Alexa.

Cousins having fun..

Are the boys having fun ??!!!

ummmm....hard to tell!   Ricky is!

Anna, sharing...

Mesia & Eliza hugging...

Cannon wrestling ...

Posted by PicasaAbby, trying out the "osage orange" we brought from Nauvoo...

Ellie is "thankful"!

Girl talk...

Guy talk...the brothers

Everybody was happy!....  Madison...

Cannon, Lauren, & Alexa...

 Angela and Dave.....well, Angela, at least ...

Even Christina....doing the dishes!  Thanks, Christina...for organizing this Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful, and one we will ALWAYS  remember!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Very Special Family Temple Night

On Saturday November 7th, we had the very special experience of going through the Draper Temple, as a family, with our first grandchild, to take out his endowments. Ricky, Rick & Donna's son, has been called on a mission to Canada Calgary, and will be leaving in January. This was his first time to the Temple and was a wonderful experience for all. What made it even more special was the support that the family gave him. 8 of our 9 children were there and all but one of the spouses! What a blessing that is to us as parents. Thank you, ALL, for your love and support, and congratulation, again, to you Ricky for being worthy of this very important call to serve the Lord. You and your family will be blessed!

Draper Temple at night

Our family afterwards at Sweet Tomatoes!

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