Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Christmas collage

Just a few pictures to bring back the memories of the Holidays including the extended Evan's Family get together on Sunday the 30th, and the celebration of Chad's 13th birthday on the 23rd. It was a great Holiday, and we LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
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Rick & Donna's for Christmas night dinner

Rick & Donna had us for dinner on Christmas night. Turkey dinner and all the fixings. It was delicious, and was a wonderful ending to a perfect Christmas day.

Their family is really growing up!

Gracie and Abby with their presents from Grandma & Grandpa
Have you ever seen such pretty smiles!

The 3 Evan's MEN and their gifts....what a handsome group.

We were going to give Mesia and Madison their gifts here also, but Madison was asleep, so she got hers the next day.
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The Alvey family

The Alvey's were the last family we visiting in Bountiful. I think Tara thought we were not coming, but it is just so much fun visiting everyone, that we stayed at every home much longer than we expected. It was a very fun Christmas Day for us.

The 3 youngest Alvey's....the ONLY ones that would pose for a picture.

Got Tara just as we were leaving. She is darling without even trying.

Adam watching TV....but I at least got his face without him covering it up.
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The Tingey's on Christmas Day

What a darling family!

Lauren and Rachel both got dolls that looked like them!....pretty amazing!

Here is Rachel's doll...just like her...down to the eyes!

Stafford and his UTAH you have every UTAH thing in the world, now?
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Visiting the Barlows

The Barlow gathers for their picture
(that star is NOT on Steve's head, by the way)

Joshua and his drum set! Wow...I'm glad it is at the Barlow's and not my house! :>)

Brian and Brad playing the Barlow's new Wii game!

Madison loved this little horse of Emma's
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Visiting Families on Christmas Day

It has been our tradition to visit our families on Christmas Day to see what the grandchildren got for Christmas. We also deliver our gifts to the grandchildren. Brian & Sarah and Brad went with us this year. It was a fun day.
We first went to Mark & Wendy's

A Happy Family

Beautiful little Ellie!

Alexa and Mallory liked their present!

Brad and Ellie
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Christmas Morning

It was nice to have Brian, Sarah, & Madison with us to go upstairs on Christmas morning.

Our "STAIRS" picture.

Our one big present was a big flat screen LCD TV. It has been very fun for the whole family.

SMILE! It was a beautiful morning.
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The unplanned Family Picture!

Since we were all together for the first time in a year and a half, I decided at the last minute at Dan & Clare's to try to take a Family Picture. We set up chairs in front of the Christmas Tree for the older grandchildren to stand on and then the rest gathered around with Rick and I sitting in front. Sarah set up the camera on a timer and then got in the picture at the last minute. We took three picures just to be sure we got a good one. Things went pretty well, until we looked at the pictures and noticed our three oldest grandson's in the back obviously had a "plan"! Take a look carefully and you will see what I mean! Actually I think they made the pictures very unique...wish I could have sent one out for a Christmas Card. was wonderful to have all our posterity together...46 of us now!
Also, another wonderful thing happened that night...Clare and Dan announced they were expecting a baby in July. That will make 3 new babies in 2008!! ...bringing the grandchildren number to 30! We are so grateful for these blessing!

Grandpa getting in place for the picture....look at the boys in the back...they are discussing their "plan"!

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Christmas Eve Brunch

We started our Christmas Eve Brunch at Kevin & Emily's new home, and it was beautiful. I should have taken more pictures, but they have really fixed it up nice, and many of the family had never seen it, so it was fun to get together there.

Kevin, Emily, & Mesa in their living room.

We next went to Dan & Clare's "Big Room" at the Brigham Apartments. Here they are with Mesia in front of "their" tree!

It was here the cousins exchanged are some of the girls ready to open theirs.

The "crowd" opening the presents.
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Christmas Eve progressive brunch

Ending the Brunch at Grandma & Grandpa's

The cousins exchanged gifts at Dan & Clare's

Tara and Tessa liked their gifts

The LITTLEST boy, Caleb, looking up to the BIG BOYS, Ricky, Nathan, and Adam.
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Brian, Sarah & Madison come for Christmas!

We have loved having Brian and Sarah and Madison here for the past few weeks. Sarah and Madison came on Dec. 1st, and Brian joined them on the 22nd after his tests. Madison was so happy to see her daddy was really cute!

At the piano

Getting ready for bed

Opening a present

With Mommy downstairs....looks like you had something good to eat, Madison!
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