Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Women's Conference at BYU

We had a great time at the Women's conference. The classes were wonderful and the weather was.....well....WET! But that did not dampen our spirits! All the daughters were there except Sarah, of course, who is in New Hampshire, and Clare, who was doing the more important job of being a mother to Mesia....(BYU does NOT allow any babies or children in the classes!) However Clare joined with us for the night at the Condo in Park City. Thank you... all you great husbands who helped with the children so your wifes could attend. We hope to make this an annual event if it is ok with all of you.

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Steve said...

I hope this becomes an annual tradition. Christina had a great time and it gave me an opportunity to have some bonding time with the kids. Thank you for arranging it. (Steve)