Monday, August 13, 2007

August Cabin Week

Just wanted to tell a little about our August Cabin week before I post the pictures of Grandma Alice's birthday.
We had another great week together...missed Dan & Clare and Rick & Donna and family this time, but we welcomed our newest member, Ellie Elizabeth Evans, to the cabin and she loved it! At least she seemed to! I guess she woke up a little more in the night, but we didn't hear her. Good job, Wendy, in keeping her happy....sorry you didn't get much sleep.
We had a lot of rain...some every day, but there were still periods of good weather so we could enjoy the outdoors. We really couldn't complain about the rain because we need the moisture so badly, and it did cool things off. The temperature most days was in the high 60's or low 70's, and that felt SO GOOD, after the 100 degrees we are having most every day in the valley. In fact I would love to be up at the cabin again right now! The only thing bad about the rain is that it seemed to happen every time we were out on the trail with the horses, and therefore we got VERY WET...several times. Oh well!
The scariest thing that happened this trip was Rachel's "Rodeo Ride" on Cabaret! We don't know what got into him, but he was running like the wind and Rachel looked just like a rodeo queen and was riding him like a pro (even though she was really scared, as was her mother and grandmother!) until he jumped through the fence and over the culvert. I'll never forget seeing her fall and what looked like Cabaret feet trampling her. As we ran towards her, I was afraid of the worse, but Rachel's "guardian angels" were with her again and miraculously she was not hurt....just a small scrape on her back....and not even a bruise the next day. We are SO VERY GRATEFUL. The Lord has really blessed us at the cabin....and everywhere else, actually. WE MUST NEVER FORGET!

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