Monday, November 10, 2008

Gracie's baptism day

Gracie was baptized on Saturday, November 8th. She is the last of our "year 2000 grandbabies" to be baptized, and we are so proud of them all!

Gracie and her Dad before the baptism

After the confirmation. Isn't she a little angel?

Rick & Donna had the whole crowd to their home afterwards for a dinner and visiting....well this group doesn't seem to be doing much visiting!! (they're watching the big screen TV in the new "great room" is beautiful)

Brad and I with my lovely new "accessory". I have to wear this awkward sling for the next 5 weeks--- 24/7!!!! I've already had it on a week since my rotator cuff surgery and it is driving me crazy! I just hope I SOMEDAY get the full use of my arm back!!
Emily and Kevin with one of his "faces"!

Brad with Cannon....just look at HIS adorable face!

Tessa, busy with some electronic game. She was sad because Tara was not there. (Tara had to work). :(
Sydney, Mesia, Emma and Gracie.Posted by Picasa
Mallory "leading" Mesia and Ellie on the horse. Mesia said it was Cabaret!

Cannon checking out Hannah. He kept wanting to grab her bow! Couldn't figure out what in the world that was on her head!
Rachel getting her sister to smile.Anna, with her big smile for the camera. These two little girls are growing up too fast. Before we know it these 4 grandbabies born this year (Abby, Cannon, Anna & Hannah) will be getting baptized!!

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