Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christmas Eve Brunch

Our Annual Christmas Eve Brunch turned out to be an almost ALL DAY event, but it WAS FUN!
We first went to Barlows...

Abby, Cannon (in his Santa suit) and Ellie playing "train" Not sure Cannon liked this outfit!

Anna was having fun! (This is her new trick)

Ricky, Adam and Sawyer doing what that age boys do best :)

Abby and Eliza with "little Abby". Those two are great baby sitters.

The Barlow Family ...sorry Chad, I don't know how to swap heads or I could have fixed that eye problem!

We next went to Tingey's new home....across the street from Barlows
Rick on the keyboard with Hannah

Eating and resting's a lot of work to eat as much as we do!! :)Brad, jamm"n on the keyboard at Tingey's....the little kids were having a great time dancing!
We next went to Alvey's where we ate MORE and opened presents.
The cousins gift exchange....not much of a surprise for some of them ...Like Tara and Tessa:)

The adults getting ready for their gift exchange....EVERYBODY left happy this time....I think:)

We ended the night with Adam and Sawyer playing a Christmas duet...Sleigh Ride. It was awesome!!!

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