Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The River is Melted!!

February 24th...still completely frozen!
March 3rd...melted out in the channel..still lots of snow on the ground.
All the geese and ducks are happy about that...there were thousands out there this day!
March 10th. An overcast day...but the Mississipii is all melted!! It happened so fast! But SPRING IS REALLY HERE!!
You can see there is just a little bit of ice and snow along the bank in some places.
The Geese are so happy the river is back!

Thesse containers full of straw are for some kind of bird to hatch their eggs in.  I will find out more about them!Posted by Picasa

Joseph showing the melted river to Brigham :)  Notice ALL THE SNOW IS GONE!  It only took a week.

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Bob and Joan said...

With the temperatures you quoted at the middle of Winter, you have to be so happy for this weather change, but I'm excited too to see your pictures of Spring flowers.