Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Second Cabin Week

July 2-8 was our second cabin week....but some of us went up for a few days the week before because it was Bill & Jan's week and they were in California. It was a wonderful, but not as bad as it was in the valley. The temperatures have been close to 100 or above for several weeks now in Salt Lake, and it is always about 20 degrees cooler at the cabin...thank goodness for that. The flies were really bad the first part of the week, (biting flies),but we got a few days of cloud cover later on in the week, and it seemed to help the fly situation a lot! We all went to the rodeo in Oakley on Friday and that was fun as usual. (this has become a tradition) Mark & Wendy and girls did not come up because of the baby due any time, and Dan had to work so they were not there. We missed them and missed Brian, Sarah and Madison too. Hope you enjoy these pictures.

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Gary said...

Hello folks, it is so great to see that all is going good. These pictures bring back so many great thoughts of when we were down a couple of years ago, where does the time go? We will keep visiting this site to keep up to date on all of you. Thanks for letting us know about your blog site. Love ~~Gary~~ and ~~Joyce & Jessica~~