Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Program

Had our annual Christmas Program and Talent Show on the 9th of December. I didn't get any pictures of the Nativity...to busy trying to keep everyone under control :>)....but I will post some that the other families took later. Here are the Tingey boys as shepherds. Aren't they cute? I borrowed the costumes from our ward again.

Abby, Eliza, Emma, and Gracie singing for the talent show.
The Barlow family performing...they sounded as good as the Von Trapp family from "The Sound of Music"
Sawyer just finishing his piano piece. It was a difficult one and he did a great job. Angela is teaching her children piano...what a job! Way to go Angela!! They are all doing well.
Footnote: notice the "Christmas Candy Shop" on the piano. This is a tradition I got from Helen Dean in our Ward. The Grandchildren love it....as do the parents. By the end of the night there was not much left! However, I have now re-stocked it for our Christmas Eve Progressive Brunch.
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