Sunday, September 7, 2008

September Cabin 08

Emily and I were at the cabin alone on Thursday and this is what we saw in the late afternoon..a whole herd of deer (7 of them) eating our pasture! And they wouldn't leave until we actually chased them away. It was amazing.

A scary thing happened that night. We heard a knocking outside the cabin and then on both porches, and since we were there alone with Cannon we were pretty nervous. Well...guess who it was...right, Kevin! He could have given us a heart attack! Cannon was happy to see his daddy, though. He stayed the night and then had to go back to work early in the morning. He came back that next night with Mesa
Emily and I took Cannon on his first trip to the waterfall that next day. I don't think he was very impressed, but I bet he will be next year. He will want to get in it then, I'm sure.

Mark, getting ready to go dig out the baptismal pool. These are Uncle Bill's waders. He looks a little stressed, doesn't he?!

Grandpa build us a teepee fire that night for the ones who were up. It was really cold out, about 35 degrees, so the fire felt great!!Sydney and Mallory the night before their baptism. They were in cabin pioneer clothes. They look quite different the next day, don't they?
Cousins by the fire..Sydney, Eliza, Rachel, Alexa, and Mallory.
Cannon with his two girl friends....Hannah Jane Tingey and Anna Kalea Evans He will be a great "big brother cousin" for them!
Wow! what would you ever do with three!!! Mark with Hannah, Katlyn (Wendy's niece) and Anna. Hannah & Anna....their first photo shoot together. We couldn't get them both to smile at the same time, but aren't they dolls!
Rachel is such a good baby sitter. She loves the little ones, and they love her.Gathering in the front room Saturday night. Just look at all those babies!

Kevin and his bike. I hope Cannon won't want one in a few years! Ya right!!!

Tara was such a help with the horses as fact this time she practically did it all. Here she is riding Cabaret bareback over tp the Moench's pasture. You wouldn't catch me doing that!!...not on THAT horse!

Sydney on Chief and Adam on Poco....also both bareback....on the way to Moench's. We are keeping the horses there each week when we leave because there is not enough grass in our pasture. Maybe it's because of the deer!!!

Grandpa leading Tawny, because she wouldn't follow...just wanted to a woman he said :) She finally did follow the other horses. The end of another wonderful day at the cabin. I hope the weather will be good enough for us to go up in October.

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