Monday, September 29, 2008

Cabin in the Fall

Rick and I went up to the cabin on Thursday September 25 and stayed until Saturday. The leaves got more beautiful everyday. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! It was exceptionally warm too...warmer than it was at the first of the month when we were here for the baptism. We were all alone for the first 24 hours which was very unusual, but very peaceful and nice. We took some long walks and had some good conversations. I'm so grateful we have this beautiful place to come to and enjoy!

This tree was so vivid in the sun, I just had to have a picture of it.

Freed's pasture....isn't this beautiful?

The aspens are so beautiful up at the cabin. Pictures just don't do them justice.

Michelle came up Friday afternoon with all of her children. It was such a beautiful day, here is Lauren, Dallin, and Rachel on the trampoline.

The horses are still up there, so the kids had a good time on is Caleb on Chief

Emily & Kevin also came up on Friday night, and Cannon enjoyed getting to know Hannah.

Chad & Joshua came up with the Tingeys and "hung out" with Cannon :)

Chad caught a fish on Saturday, and he and Stafford cooked it on the grill. It was delicious!

Stafford using the fish head as an ear ring! Do you think this will start a new fad?!

Dallin with the two snakes Michelle caught...a mommy (or daddy) and a tiny baby. We let them go, of course, but the kids had a good time seeing them.

Hannah on the hammock...just chillin'.

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Sarah Evans said...

I love the pictures of the scenery at the cabin. How beautiful! We miss it! I'm glad you get to go often. Enjoy it enough for us too!