Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Sunday night pictures.

This was taken in January before Brian and Sarah left...but I thought it was a great picture of 3 of our 4 daughters-in-law...Wendy, Clare (with Anna) and Sarah. Someday we will get Donna in the picture :). Anyway they are ALL wonderful girls and great wifes and mothers!! We are so grateful for each of them, and all they have added to our family!

Christina & Angela...two of our four daughters. We are grateful for our daughters too, of course. It brings us such joy to see them all raising rightous children, and living the Gospel. We must have done something right in raising them :)
Our Daughter, Emily, with her son Cannon......not enjoying this hug right now :)
Our daughter, Michelle with Hannah....very content! As I was can see they are all good mothers.

Our son-in-law Dave Tingey....looks like he is happy to be helping in the kitchen. They are all helpful....we appreciate that!

Our son-in-law, Steve Barlow, and his daughter, Tessa. Steve isn't always this bored when he visits on Sunday :)

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