Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunday Nights at Grandma & Grandpa's

Our favorite times in life right now are the Sundays our families gather together at our home. We feel so blessed to have them all live so close (and hope Brian and Sarah will soon be living here), and are so grateful they all enjoy one another. The cousins love getting together and there is hardly ever any disagreements! Everyone helps bring something for the dinner which really helps. We are REALLY going to miss these Sunday dinners when we are in Nauvoo!! :(

Last Sunday we celebrated Lauren and Wendy's birthdays....but Wendy left for work before I could get a picture. Donna made two wonderful cakes, which were devoured by our clan!! This was the other cake for Wendy. Donna even made the flowers and leaves and butterflies!

"Funny" Uncle Brad with Mesia, Gracie, and Abby. They love to tease him, and he is so good with all the kids.

Sweet little Anna with her daddy. Dan is a very tender father. We are so grateful he and Clare have these two precious little girls.

Cannon with his "silly" daddy! Kevin keeps us all laughing, and we love having him in our family, but he is also a very, very good father, and Cannon is lucky to have him.
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