Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trip home to Salt Lake

On October 30th we drove to St. Louis so we could fly out that next morning for home. The Temple was closed for two weeks for cleaning, so all the missionaries went home to get winter clothes and visit family. Brian was also in St. Louis for interviews, so he stayed the night with us in the motel and then we flew home together! It was GREAT! On the way to St. Louis that night the sky was looked like a big quilt was covering the sky just as the sun was going down! I had never seen a sunset like that. It wasn't just in the west, but over most of the sky!
As we got off the plane there was Sarah and the girls with this fun sign welcoming us all home! THANKS SARAH!
A few minutes later, in ran Michelle and all her children...IN COSTUME NO LESS!!! Because it was HALLOWEEN!! What a wonderful surprise. They knew how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Don't they look great!!
A few minutes after that in came the Alvey's. They had been waiting in the other terminal! What a joy it was to see them too after all these months.
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