Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Very Special Family Temple Night

On Saturday November 7th, we had the very special experience of going through the Draper Temple, as a family, with our first grandchild, to take out his endowments. Ricky, Rick & Donna's son, has been called on a mission to Canada Calgary, and will be leaving in January. This was his first time to the Temple and was a wonderful experience for all. What made it even more special was the support that the family gave him. 8 of our 9 children were there and all but one of the spouses! What a blessing that is to us as parents. Thank you, ALL, for your love and support, and congratulation, again, to you Ricky for being worthy of this very important call to serve the Lord. You and your family will be blessed!

Draper Temple at night

Our family afterwards at Sweet Tomatoes!

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