Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Signs of Spring!

South side of the Temple...daffodils and pansies
Flowering tree by Patty Sessions cabin
Wild flowers in the woods
Can you believe how many blossoms are on this tree!!Posted by Picasa

North side of Temple...another blossoming tree! There are many of these all over Nauvoo right now. I remember we saw them one year when we visited Rick & Donna in Kansas City, but I don't know what they are called :)
Just learned this is called a Red Bud
The flowers at the Women's Garden...also notice the leaves are coming out on the trees.

See the bird in her nest. There is another one right above the door of the Arrival Center.

Our apartment...the flowers are out here now too!

Love the colors of these tulips

Mushrooms or I guess toad stools growing in the woods.

View from Parley's Street...notice the leaves on the trees. Spring is such a wonderful time. A beautiful reminder of "rebirth" and a time to reflect upon the ressurection and our own "rebirth" someday!
A cardinal in the tree outside our apartment singing so joyously.

I captured his song! Enjoy, and be Happy!!


Bob and Joan said...

Lovely post. I was excited to see Spring in your part of the world and it is worth the wait.
Keep taking pictures especially wild flowers along the walking path that goes over the little hill. I love that forested area and its dramtic changes through the seasons.

Sarah Evans said...

I love that first temple picture!!!! It's amazing and very interesting to look at. It captures the temple perfectly.