Monday, April 5, 2010


It has only been a week since I posted the first pictures of "Spring is Coming"...but with temperatures in the 70's and even 80's one day and a couple of good rain storms, "SPRING IS HERE"! ...and it is beautiful!  I took all these pictures just this morning.  It is our p-day today, so I had a lot of time to enjoy the beauties of nature. 
The woods after the hard rain we had yesterday.
The drainage ditch that the early saints dug to drain off the swamp land on the flats
The trail in the woods.  It was a little muddy, and I even slipped and fell once...but it was worth it!
One of the other missionaries flower beds...mine are not yet blooming ,because I have a west exposure and this one faces south. Check out that green lawn too...It is amazing how fast it happened.

Don't know what kind of tree this is, the the blossoms are so pretty.

Joseph and Brigham by the river...just look how green the grass is!

A Duck sitting on her eggs.  We will soon see the little baby ducks and geese.

The  forsythia bushes are all out now...makes me think of my bushes back home.  I'm sure they are not in bloom yet, since we have been having snow in Salt Lake :)

Looking across the lawn towards the Seventies Hall...what a morning!

The tree by the Printing office is also in bloom.

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And just look at this tree by the John Browning home...isn't that gorgeous!...and it smells so good too.  I LOVE this time of year!

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Sarah Evans said...

I can't wait to come and visit. Your pictures are breathtakingly beautiful (If that is even a word:-) We look forward to seeing beautiful Nauvoo and experiencing a portion of what you have for over a year now.