Sunday, June 6, 2010

Geode Hunting

Wednesday afternoon we went with 12 other couples geode hunting in Missouri. This is a prime area to find them and several of the missionaries have already found some beautiful ones. Elder Brady who is an archeologist arranged for this activity and it was really fun. It was a beautiful day, not too hot and in a very pretty area. However, we had had one of our big rain storms the day and night before and even that morning so it was very, very muddy! We all found a few geodes, some of them good sized. We may try to go again once more before we leave here.
On the path to the area to the mud!

setting up the machine that breaks them open. You really can't tell if they are going to be hollow or not until you break them

Mike, our guide breaking onr of the "finds". By the way, the guy in the background in the shorts IS NOT one of our missionaries :) He is one of Mike's friends and owns this area where we found our geodes. We actually had to pay him for our "finds".

Brother and Sister Bench with their best geode.

Brother and Sister Deacon finding a big one in the mud.

And us with a couple of little ones.

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Stopped at  The Sonic in Keokuk afterwards for a quick dinner.  We don't look much like missionaries, do we?

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