Sunday, June 6, 2010


Friday was the first night of Sunset by the Mississippi for the season and it was Great!!
It was a beautiful night and we had front row seats.

The New Young Performing Missionaries...there are 20 of them and they are super-talented! It was so fun to watch them.
The Site missionaries performing a band number.
The fiddle number by the YPM's
The finale. They were singing "Come, Come Ye Saints" to harmonica accompaniment. It was very touching.

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The Guymans doing their "Chicken Dance" at Sunset. Can you see the chicken "dancing" between them when they stand up? This is only part of the song, but it was so cute, I wanted to share. (Be sure to turn off my play list at the bottom of my blog before you play these videos so you can hear them)

After the Sunset show, we had an 1 & 1/2 hour performance of the Hughes Brothers from Branson. It is actually their entire family that perform and they were so good. The show is comprised of 5 brothers, their wives and about 24 children. I wish I had gotten a picture of all of them when they came out on stage at the end of the made me miss all of my family This is a short clip of one of the brother's songs, and also one of 4 of the grandson's. I only got the end of that song, but it was so darling. The title was, "Momma, don't let your Babies grow up to be Cowboys" :) They also did a fireside on Sunday night, with religious songs and talks and another show on Monday night. We attended them all! What wonderful entertainment we have here in Nauvoo, and it is all FREE! What a blessing it is to be here.

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