Monday, September 20, 2010

Bike ride down by the river

I was given a bike the first of the summer, and have taken many rides. There are so many beautiful places to ride around Nauvoo. A couple of weeks ago, I talked Rick into borrowing a bike and coming with me. He said it was probably the first time he had been on a bike since he was 15...that is a LONG time :) He did really well though, and it was fun. I guess that old saying "it's just like riding a bike" is true...once you learn how, you really don't forget! Anyway, one of the places we went was the old Dunkee family graveyard down by the river. It is hidden in the trees and not many people know about it.  Rick had never been there, so I wanted to show it to him.  It was a cool day and quite windy, but everything was green and beautiful.

Rick coming into the graveyard. He didn't want to ride the bike through the trees. The trail was pretty narrow!
One of the remaining grave stones. Most of the others are covered up by overgrown foliage.
Looking east from the graveyard across a corn field. You can see the Catholic church steeple, the Temple, and the water tower.
There are so many butterflies in Nauvoo. This is one of many I saw on the bike ride.
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The River had white caps because of the wind!

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Emily and Kevin said...

How fun! I can't even picture Dad riding a bike!