Monday, September 20, 2010

Heartland Dairy & Ministry

Our P-Day group went to the Heartland Dairy and Ministry last Friday. It was so interesting. It is a HUGE operation, almost like a little city, not just a dairy, but they do have 7,000 cows, plus about 1200 goats that they milk every day! In fact the cows are milked 3 times a day on several huge carousels that operate 24/7. It is all run by a Christian couple who take in troubled youth and adults with various problems and addictions and help them recover. They have a These people that they are helping are the ones running all the stores and farms etc. That way they are learning a trade.  They also have a Christian Academy and a College.   It was amazing!!
Part of our group eating at the Heartland's SOLID ROCK CAFE....not the HARD ROCK!! It was good food.
On the bus, ready to take the tour of the area.
These old Ford cars were part of the Cafe.
This was the baby goat nursery. They were very friendly! Kept trying to "eat" my jacket during this picture!

One of the many goat barns.Posted by Picasa

One of the milking carousels.  This one took 60 cows at once.

One of their many milk trucks!  Note the sign!!

Charles Sharpe - the man who started it all.  He is 83 now and doesn't look or act that old.  He talked to us for a few minutes after the tour.  A wonderful man, and he is doing a lot of good work.

All of us in front of the big rock by the Solid Rock Cafe!

The men in front of the Heartland sign.

Rick & I...see the corn field in the background.  They also farm and produce crops on hundreds of acres. 

The Mursets by the cornfield and sunflowers!
We all decided to stop in at the Cafe again on our way home for ice cream.  Brother Tovey doesn't look too it because he only has two!!???

The Wells with their ice cream.  They are happy about the whole day.  It was a fun excursion.

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Emily and Kevin said...

That looks like a great place to visit! Cannon would have loved all the animals and the old cars!