Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Court House in Carthage

While in Carthage we visited the Court House which was built in 1906-07. It was so beautiful inside, I thought I would post a couple of pictures of it. We were told it had all the modern conveniences of 1908 including more than 700 light bulbs & "all the principle rooms had toilet rooms", this at a time when few homes in the area had electricity or running water ! It cost $117, 828.00 to build.

Above the staircase leading to the 3rd floor is this beautiful stained glass window depicting "Justice". This one window is today valved at several times the cost of the original building!
The floor was these little tiny tiles of mosaic marble throughout the whole building even in the bathrooms. It was beautiful

Rick, pretending to be the judge in the main court room.

Another picture of the window, "Justice".

How long since you have seen one of these? A phone booth like Superman used!

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Bob and Joan said...

Old time craftmanship. Hard to get it repeated in todays economy.