Saturday, September 26, 2009

Visiting Warsaw

We had been told that Warsaw was really a sad town that had not flourished much since the days of the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith, but we had no idea how bad it was until we visited there! It was unbelievable!! Most all the stores up and down a 3 block area were boarded up and vacated...some destroyed inside with time, but others looked as if people had tried to start a business, but it had failed and then they had just walked away and left everything. It was really eerie!

This was the building of the Warsaw Signal...the paper that had published all the lies about the Prophet Joseph. Thomas Sharp's name was still on the window. He was probably the head of the mob who killed Joseph.
This is what the inside of the Warsaw Signal looked like!!
This is the inside of another building a few doors down....and there were many like this. The only businesses we could see that were open were a couple of bars!
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Bob and Joan said...

We visited this site too. It makes you realized how much the Lord is involved in any of our success. How dramatic when his spirit is withdrawn!