Monday, September 28, 2009

Missionary Service Project

Last week all the Temple missionaries did a service project for the Community of Christ church (formerly the Reorganized LDS) We re-stained the entire fence surrounding the old Joseph Smith homestead. It is a lot of fence, but since there were so many of us, we completed it in about 2 hours. They were very grateful for our service. Afterwards we had a supper there on the lawn between the Red Brick Store and the Homestead. It was a fun evening. It was interesting to see everyone in "grubbies" since we are usually either dressed up as missionaries are in our "whites" in the Temple.

Elder and Sister Bench. aka Farmer Jones
Sister Stapley and Sister Virgin

Part of the "group"

The Blackburns and the Demordaunts

Sisters Blackburn, Jaussi, Romrell, Evans, and Coons

The Jaussi's

Sister's Ostler, Brady, and Ross

President and Sister Peterson.

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