Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dinner at Jet's Palace

Last Monday we had a fun experience. One of our missionaries had heard about this new Chinese restaurant that had opened in Keokuk that was supposed to be really good, so he sent out an email to anyone interested to meet there at 5:30 that evening. Well, almost 50 of us showed up including President and Sister Peterson! We filled almost the entire restaurant and really overwhelmed the cute little Chinese couple who own and run it. Elder Mills had told them to expect a big group...but they didn't know it would be this big! The wife had extra people to help her, but apparently her husband who cooks it ALL, cannot understand English so she (the wife) had to take all the orders! We were there for 2 hours BEFORE she got to us to take our order and it was 3 hours before we were through! It was really fun though, being with and visiting with all these missionaries who have become our good friends. I am posting a few pictures of some of the people that were there. I'm sure you do not want to see all 50! :)
The food was really good too, in fact we went back on Thursday and took a couple of the young sister missionaries. They leave on Wednesday for their 6 months away to do proselyting. They are all going different places around the country. We are really going to miss them...they add a lot to Nauvoo.

The Coons and the Hepworths. Both these couples will be here in the winter with us.
President and Sister Peterson...and lots of others :)
The Johnsons, Mills, Jespersons, and Evans. All these couples have been here for a year and a half so will be going home this month.
We are going to miss them....a lot. They are wonderful!
The Days and the Deweys. The Days are also 2nd year people...the Deweys are local. She is the main secretary to the Presidency and really keeps everything together at the Temple. I don't know what they would do without her!
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