Monday, October 26, 2009

Trip to Quincy

We FINALLY took a trip to Quincy! This is the town that was so nice to the Mormons when they were driven out of Missouri. There were about 1500 people in Quincy at that time and 4-5 Thousand almost every household took in several people and kept them for weeks and even months until they finally relocated in Nauvoo. Anyway, it is now a thriving town, and we had never been there!  Probably the only missionary couple who had not!!  The Howards were going there Tuesday afternoon and insisted we come with them.  We only had a few hours but "hit" the Salvation Army & found some fun Christmas decorations and an $8.00 suit for Rick!!  Fit him perfectly!  We ate at a fun Greek Restaurant that they had found on a previous visit, and then went down to the river where the Church had placed a monument thanking the people of Quincy for their help to the Mormons those many years ago!

This was a scene we saw on our way to Quincy.  The harvest of soy beans.  It is quite amazing to see these big $500,000.  machines go into these soy bean fields and corn fields and harvest them!
What is sad, though, is that because of all the rain the farmers have not been able to harvest their crops...they have to be a lot of the crops are going to be lost!

The Howard's at the monument by the bridge at sunset.

And us

Brother Howard and Rick deep in conversation about something.

Both Bridges at comes into town and the other is for leaving.Posted by Picasa

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Bob and Joan said...

I remember driving through the older section of this town and seeing many old grand houses. You felt that the Lord had blessed them with comfort and plenty after theor kindness to the Saints.