Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trip to Burlington

Yesterday afternoon we went to Burlington with the Howards, another Temple missionary couple here. Most couples have already been here many times, because Burlington has one of the only big "Malls" around this area, but since neither Rick nor I are "into" Mall shopping, we weren't interested. The Howards, however took us to the old part of town which WAS interesting and we had a delightful afternoon. I didn't take many pictures, but I will on our next trip and I will definitely go again! Guess where we shopped? At the Salvation Army store and a great thrift store called HOPED TO BE YOURS! Now that is my kind of shopping!! We also visited a street called Snake Alley which is kind of like Lombard street in San Francisco. We had dinner down by the Mississippi River right by this beautiful cable bridge. As you can see, I was especially impressed with the bridge and took several pictures of it.

The last picture I took of the bridge as we were leaving to go home.

The view of the bridge and the river from our restaurant table.

Elder and Sister Howard....they are from Spokane, and are an amazing couple. He has had a heart transplant and she is a breast cancer survivor. They are the most Christian people I have EVER met. They are ALWAYS thinking of others and have done so much good in this mission for so many people. We feel very blessed to have ever known them. They are not staying and I'm sad about that, but he has several other health issues also, and needs to get home.

Isn't this a beautiful bridge? And look at the was a perfect day!

At the top of Snake Alley

The history of Snake Alley...double click on this to make it bigger so you can read it. Very interesting.

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Bob and Joan said...

We are having a little tour every time you go out. Love your pictures. Liked Jet's too. We can visualize you and your fifty friends waiting and waiting for dinner.

Our experiences are so different. Go back four or so posts on my blog to see my friends. Four great "ladies."