Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dinners, dinners, & more dinners!

Nauvoo is called the "30 pound mission" are some of the reasons why!!!  :)
Every month we have a dinner with all the missionaries plus a small group dinner with different people. This was our last small group dinner at the Davies, on the left with the Colemans and the Mursets. Sister Davies had fixed a German dinner with sausage and sauerkraut, and it was soooo good. Sister Murset had also brought a delicious strawberry cream pie...YUM!

Then we also have a "break the fast" dinner every Fast Sunday with the 4 couples in our two buildings. This was the last one at the Eickbushes with the Killians and the Beckstroms.  Oh, and Sister Beckstrom makes the most delicious pies you can imagine.  This day she made a coconut cream pie that was to die for!  Which is what we are going to do if we don't stop eating so much!! :)

Then there are always extra dinners here and there. This one was hosted by Sister Thrap, this slender women by me here. She is a local ordinance worker who comes from somewhere about 3 hours away. She is about 80 years old, but has more energy than any of us. She literally runs up the stairs. She also sews all her own clothes, including some lovely Temple dresses. Her husband has Alzheimer's and is in a care center, but she visits him every day. She is an amazing women. A couple of weeks ago, she invited several couples to an elegant "all you can eat" buffet dinner at Grandpa John's Cafe in their private room.   She had set the table with linens and beautiful pictures and flowers she had brought from home. I don't know why we were fortunate enough to be invited, but we were, and it was wonderful.
The invited guestsPosted by Picasa
When we left to go home, she gave us all a bouquet of white roses!

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