Saturday, October 9, 2010

P-Day to Iowa City & Kolona

On September 24th our P-Day group took a trip to Iowa City (where the hand-carts started from) and Kolona which is an old Amish town known as the "Quilt Capital of Iowa". We left at 7:00 A.M. and didn't return until 7:00 P.M., but it was a fun-filled, interesting day!
Wished we had had more time to spend in Kolona.

Meeting at the Land & Records that morning...before the sun was up! Brother Murset (in the center) was in charge of this outing.
In Iowa City our tour guide was Todd Murdock, the director of the Institute there. He gave us a marvelous 4 hour tour of Iowa City, and the Handcart park. We learned a lot. For instance, after the Saints were driven out of Nauvoo, all the converts going west from England etc. came through Iowa City. The railroad stopped here, so they would camp by the river and get their handcarts or wagons together ready for the trip to Salt Lake. We realized that this would have been where all Rick's ancestors who had joined the Church in England came. It made the tour even that more interesting. In this picture, we are standing in the area where the railroad stopped and the Saints would have forded the river.
We also went to an old cemetery and Brother Murdock told us about several of the earlier settlers here, some who had been very kind to the Mormons, and others who had not!
Brother Murdock and the Dartons at the cemetery.

The Iowa River close by where the Mormons camped.

The County Court House which would have been there when the Mormons came through Iowa City...however not the street light and the CSL truck! :)  I had to take these picture quickly through the window of the car while we were following Brother Murdock.

One of the Old Churches which was also here in the mid-1800's

One of the oldest homes still standing of that era.

The Dam over the Iowa River.

Plaque at the Handcart Park...the area where the Mormon camp was located
Sister Murset pointing out her ancestors name on one of the plaques.  She was so proud!

Learning about this camp from Brother Murdock.

All of our group at the Mormon Handcart Park sign after the tour.  We were tired and hungry!!
So we all went to Olive Garden in Iowa City to have lunch.  This restaurant WAS NOT here when the early saints came through :)  Too bad it wasn't !!! 
Then it was on to Kolona!!
We first stopped at an Amish if we hadn't had enough to eat!!...but of course we all ate more!
Then to one of the many quilts shops!  Would LOVED to have bought one, but they were very expensive- like $800 and up!!
At a little Amish store in country side.
This was the view just outside the store.  Rolling hills with beautiful farms.  The Amish take very good care of their farms.   
Catching a quick picture from our car window of a couple of the Amish buggies  They DO NOT like their picture taken, so this was the best we could do...but we saw a lot of horse drawn buggies.

The men patiently waiting for us to shop in one of the many stores.  Well, really not patiently :)  They were pretty tired by now.  Like I said, I would have liked to have spent more time in Kalona. Maybe someday I will go back!  
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