Monday, January 11, 2010


The last 2 weeks have been extremely cold here in Nauvoo! It rarely gets above the single digits in the day and always below 0 at night! Then with the wind chill factor ( and the wind is almost always blowing) it is even colder that what the temperature says. Some nights it was 15- 20 below!! We are grateful to have a nice warm apartment and Temple to shelter us from the elements. It has made us realize more than ever, though, how much the early members here suffered...especially when they were driven from their homes!

The River Road the morning after a storm. That is the Mississippi on the left...all frozen over!

Another picture of the frozen Mississippi

Looking south from our apartment. This is the back of the Heber C. Kimball home.

Our back yard

The other morning it was so clear and beautiful for a change that we decided to go for a walk, but since it was only 4 degree above 0, we really bundled up as you can see.  We felt like the little boy in The Christmas Story... and we could hardly walk.  My glasses kept foggy up too, because I was breathing into my face mask, and even ice even formed on them!  I finally just took them off and held them because I couldn't see :)  Of course THEN I couldn't see very much either :)

Rick's face got cold because he didn't have a face mask...but other than that we were pretty warm! We both had on double coats, by the way!!

Just finishing the walks.  You can see we don't have a lot of snow...but we sure have the COLD!
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Emily and Kevin said...

That looks way too cold! I really don't know how the pioneers did it, but it does make you more appreciative that's for sure!