Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Walk in the Woods

I hadn't gone on my trail through the woods for several weeks...since the snows came, but a few days ago, it was such a nice day, I decided to try it! It was absolutely awesome! Not alot of snow...but enough that I was glad I had my boots on :) The trail was packed down, as you can see, with lots of prints...but NO human ones! Just all kinds of animals! It made me realize there are really a lot of wild life in these here woods:)!!

This bridge is over a little creek, but it was frozen solid, of course!

Looking down on Lake Horton...also frozen.Posted by Picasa

Standing out on the Lake...looking west!....lots of animal tracks on the Lake too.

Looking across the Lake to the Temple and the Lutheran church. You can't even see these from this spot in the summer, because of the foliage.

The picnic area in the woods.

cutting across the pasture to get to our back yard

As I came into our yard, I could see dozens of birds feeding on my bird feeder. I tried to get close enough to get a picture, but they all flew away. It is really fun to watch them from the house though. There are so many different kinds...but the prettiest are the cardinals. There are lots of cardinals in this area of the country and they are so beautiful. I will try to get a picture someday...but here is one from the web. Also a red headed woodpecker. There is one of these that comes around quite often.

We also put out a salt lick for the deer, and we have deer coming every night. I think the rabbits and probably other little animals come to the lick also. See all those tracks in our back yard...they are all animal tracks. The animals have a party on the "flats" here every night, I think!

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