Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Winter Walks

This is the area right at the end of Parley's Street where many of the Saints crossed over in that February Exodus. This is also where many of my grandchildren when swimming when they came to visit last summer...remember? (Still can't find your ball or ring, Chad ) :)
You can see the river is completely frozen...but that is because there is not much current on this side of the dam. The river on the over side is still flowing freely..which makes you realize what a miracle it was that it froze over that February when the saints had to cross!

We had just gotten to the top of the little hill into the park and saw all these deer in the camping area! I guess they were having a picnic...there must have been a dozen or more. When they saw us they all ran into the woods, of course...but it was fun to watch them. Click on the picture to see them better.

This was a most amazing experience, and the pictures do not do it justice! I was on my way down to the river and as I got close to
the Brigham Young home, I could hear all these geese squawking! Well, as I got closer, I couldn't believe my eyes...there were hundreds of them...all on this field across from Brigham Young's home. It was breathtaking to say the least. I can't figure out why they had chosen that field to congregate on except maybe because it was close to the cornfields you can see in the background, and there were still some remaining corn left there after the harvest. Anyway, it was quite the sight. I'm posting a couple of videos I took too, but I called them DUCKS! Don't know why...guess because I was just so excited to see so many geese and was just not thinking! I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

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