Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Valentine Party

On Monday the 15th of Feb. we had another party...just for the Temple missionaries at a quaint little restaurant in an old school in Ferris, Il. about 17 miles from Nauvoo called Farmer's Junction Cafe. There wasn't much atmosphere, but the food was really good, and of course the company was fantastic!
For the entertainment, they had invited Brother and Sister Tufuaku to sing for us. They are Temple ordinance workers from Nauvoo. He is Hawaiian. They met at BYU Hawaii, and they have 13 children. She makes these harps and the instrument he is playing! They have beautiful voices and sang us love songs. Brother Tufuaku has recently returned to the Temple. He was diagnosed with cancer about 5 months ago, and has had a couple of operations and treatment at Mayo Clinic. We think it is in remission right now. He has lost about 50 pounds! I hope and pray he will be all right now. They are wonderful people.
Sister Standifird and the Cutlers watching the Tufuakus sing.
This was not part of our Valentines party, of course...but I just put it in because of the love Joseph and Emma had for each other. This is the statue of them by the Visitors Center, taken after a snow storm last week.
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