Friday, May 28, 2010

The Goslings are growing!

It is so fun to watch the little goslings all around Nauvoo.  They were just hatched a few weeks ago.  These first two pictures were taken the end of April, just when we return and they were small and yellow and fluffy.  The mom and dad goose stay right with them until they are full grown and they follow in a line with the mom in front and the dad behind.  They are very protective, so you don't want to get too close. 

These two pictures were taken on May 24th, and you can see how much the goslings have grown!  They are now brown and about 3x the size they were a few weeks ago.
These two pictures were taken last night, May 27th on Waters street by the river.  I couldn't believe how many babies there were!!  That mom and dad must have "adopted" some ...or kidnapped some :)  Can you imagine trying to take care of this many!  The parents were just keeping a watch while the babies were eating and eating....don't know quite what, but there are certainly a lot of bugs here for them to eat.

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