Friday, May 28, 2010

Touring the Joseph Smith's sites

Monday, our p-day group toured the Joseph Smith sites owned
by the Community of Christ. Lock MacKay was our private guide and gave us an amazing 3 hour tour. He is the director here for his church.

We could not take pictures in any of the homes except the Nauvoo House which is usually not on the tour. It is used now for youth groups and families to rent.
The Mursets, a new missionary couple outside the north side of the Nauvoo House. This was to be a 5 story building, and about the size of the Temple!! 
In the dining area of the Nauvoo House
Emma's bedroom. This is where she died in 1879.  This window looks out over the Mississippi.

 Walking to the Homestead.
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Our P-day group by the graveside of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum.

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